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10 reasons why visit Croatia, Dubrovnik and Plitvice lakes in personalized private guided Tours

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Nov 30, 2015 –

1. Croatia is becoming one of the most popular places in the Mediterranean and in Europe.

2. Our Private tours are completely depended on your desires – from the number of people to the locations. Private tour guides design sights and destinations with you in mind.

3. We handle everything so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience to the fullest

4. We save your money (by avoiding tourist traps) and your time (you don’t waste time seeing things that may not be of interest and we know all the hidden treasures you wouldn’t otherwise see!)

5. Should you so wish, our tours can be completely transformed to suit your needs, the schedule is very flexible, our guides are very flexible

6. Knowing all the riches of the region is our specialty (our guides are locals and when you are on one of our tours, you will feel like a member of the local community)

7. If you want coffee in the middle-no problem at all! (On the contrary, one of the best thing you can do when in Croatia is sit on the coffee and enjoy the local atmosphere)

8. Cultural Insight and Protection (With added insights from a knowledgeable local guide, you can avoid embarrassment or worse)

9. Personalized attention from your guide – your guide is here just for you, your friends or your family

10. Our goal is to keep a big smile on your face and, at the end, wanting more

Gracious old-world glamor elevates Croatia from Mediterranean fancy to the real deal. Visitors are welcomed by its magnificent shoreline that consists of over 1,000 isles that are exceptional, offering a taste of real Mediterranean elegance to tourists. Dubrovnik, Plitvice lakes, medieval fairy-tale castles, hilltop vineyards, the smallest town in the world, 7 UNESCO World heritages…

DestinaTour, has now offered a private tour with experienced, very well educated and fun guide/driver who is very flexible and can customize the tour as the guests wish. We understand that each individual prefers a unique experience. Use us to visit Croatia for your finest travel experience! When you decide you want to see Croatia (or Slovenia), custom, affordable tours should undoubtedly be what you really need to experience all of what those two countries has to offer, whether spending a night or a whole week. Personalized tours are accessible supplying the finest accommodation, services and local guides. While remaining in Croatia, it is possible to be prepared to lounge in lavish resorts and capturing 5 stars B&Bs, combined with tantalizing bona fide Croatian cuisine and sparkling wines made from local wineries.

DestinaTour.eu guarantees unforgettable memories that last an eternity and exceptional experiences. With http://destinatour.eu/ you’ll get the great service of the Private guided tour, the flexibility of customization, insider tips… Our professional tour guides are able to share your pleasures, your desires and your passions. They can relate to your sense of wonder, awe, amazement and satisfaction because they are able to accommodate you. Mutual discovery in having a new sense of wonder and discovery fills their hearts as they are able to relate to your experience as a traveler. Our guides share a common goal of participating in the experience of meeting the traveler’s expectations. Our guides are enthusiastic about the things they do, love distributing the understanding of Croatia’s culture, distributing their particular love of the culture. They will help you be amazed, to rediscover the wonder of an exceptional destination repeatedly, and to visit a beautiful Croatian landscape.

Relax completely while you travel with joy by your side and not having to worry about the routes we explore. Soak your eyes with beautiful scenery. Sip on wine if you please while our professional English-speaking chauffeurs transport you with class, comfort and style. No worrying about vehicle conditions. Our fleet of cars is heavily serviced and passenger-insured to meet your demands.

There are different tour packages that can hit the right notes with travelers who want to visit Croatia or Slovenia and to do exactly the things you want.

For us, the main goal is for you to be satisfied and not only to see and learn about Croatia but to have a lot of fun while exploring it. Amazing Croatia is filled with many architectural marvels, gems of Nature and has a fun loving vibe, which ensures that it has something for all types of travelers.

For travelers who don’t have the luxury of time, we organize one day trips that are packed with activities that will give them the true feel of the place. Others can make the most out of one or two week long tours in Croatia and Slovenia. DestinaTour offers completely personalized private tour with experienced professional tour guides who are fluent in English for the convenience of its clients. Another advantage is booking with the company that promises affordable rates too.

About DestinaTour

It is a travel agency that offers day trips and long tours in Croatia and Slovenia, ensuring that its clients get the experience of their lives. Mediterranean’s finest await you! We provide an exquisite travel tourism experience in Croatia and Slovenia for your leisure and pleasure!

Traveling is an excellent delight, particularly when you’ll be able to relax totally, not needing to worry by what course to take, having the ability to have that fine wine also to soak up the sights.

Please, just check some of our recent reviews on TripAdvisor: http://tinyurl.com/prlpk87

Contact http://destinatour.eu/ today and you will begin a journey you’ll never forget!

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