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500 Rockets Marketing Launches Spider Ads Ad Generator For Google Ads®

April 16, 2019 – – 500 Rockets Marketing, a business based in Austin, Texas, has announced that they have launched Spider Ads, a text-based ad copy generator for Google Ads®. Spider Ads is designed to help businesses test their value proposition in the market as fast as possible. Thus, it allows the marketing team to develop specific strategies based on macro-level persuasion goals. It is possible to take Spider Ads for a test run for free.

Matthew Brutsche, CEO for 500 Rockets Marketing, says, “We’re so excited to announce the availability of our Spider Ads. What makes this very helpful for marketing teams is that it allows them to build specific strategies around macro-level persuasion goals. They can go about testing ideas, making educated guesses, and trying to find the main source of what attracts users to click on your ads. And then they can take strategy to tactics with a feedback loop. Take Spider Ads for a test run for free, today. Your business decisions will never be the same.”

There are various core features of the Spider Ads ad generator. These include: the fact that ads can be built quickly; that it has an UX/UI that is easy to use, and reports are easy to understand; the fact that they offer training videos and tips and tricks; the fact that the system allows the team to control every word of ad copy; the fact that they can upload the ads directly to Google Ads® through an API so that workflow is the easiest possible; the fact that users can see the keywords next to the ad copy generator so that it is easy to integrate keywords; the fact that Spider Ads works with Firefox, Safari, or Chrome; and the fact that the marketing team can test their value propositions.

One of the most difficult aspects of ad copy is staying on message based on Quality Score, user intent, and raising the needle. Spider Ads can help with this. With this app, the marketing team will push nothing into the market that is not approved ad copy. It is also possible to develop an ad copy faster than before and with a tighter impact on each ad group. Matthew Brutsche points out, “The ability to take ideas and wrap them into testable nuggets will impact your entire team. Take the opinions of all and feed them back with data, which is real data based on user intent. The opportunity is available inside your ad spend using the data you currently pay for.”

Meanwhile, it should be noted that an important advantage of Spider Ads is speed. It allows the user to create thousands of ads in seconds. The free version will allow the user to download a file that is ready for uploading straight from the system. However, for professionals, they will want to invest in the paid plan where they can upload directly into Google Ads® via an API. The fact that users are able to upload and push to market while staying in strategy is an important benefit from Spider Ads, which will then take the value propositions out of Google Ads® and create a specific report with the Spider Score®.

It is through the Spider Score® that users will know which of the value propositions their customers care about the most. The result is that the team is able to provide reports to upper management that are easy to understand.

There are three available plans for Spider Ads. The basic plan is available for free and its features include: building of ads quickly; export of ads in Google Ads® upload format; building of ads to specific ad groups; unlimited ads; and unlimited campaigns.

The Pro Plan is the paid plan and the differences with the basic plan is that it is possible to export via API into Google Ads® and export via CSV. A more advanced plan is the Gold Plan, which is coming soon. It adds value proposition reporting to the Pro Plan.

Those interested in knowing more about the Spider Ads ad generator can visit the company website or contact them via telephone or email.


For more information about 500 Rockets Marketing, contact the company here:

500 Rockets Marketing
Matthew Brutsche
4408 Spicewood Springs Road
Austin, TX 78759

ReleaseID: 60027004

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