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ABCI Announces Aviation Industry’s Master Storyteller Will Be Guest Speaker At Monthly Webinar On Aviation Content Marketing

May 26, 2015 – – ABCI has recently announced that they will have aviation industry’s master storyteller, Robert Mark, joining them as a guest speaker at their monthly webinar on Aviation Content Marketing. Company spokeswoman Paula Williams says that because content marketing is “another term for great storytelling,” his expertise in this area will be invaluable.

His chosen topic for discussion will be, “how to communicate ‘your story’ to the people that matter to you,” and will focus on many common questions that many might be asking in regards to aviation marketing. Williams encourages those who plan to participate in the webinar to be prepared with their own questions that Mr. Mark will be able to answer directly.

To start with, the webinar will discuss several pertinent issues that are frequently of concern to many aviation companies. Mark will give advice about what to say when they have to speak with the media; how marketing reps and business owners should approach the media when they want to share their stories; what the media would consider to be newsworthy, the difference between a good and a bad story, and how to tell it well. This is a great opportunity for participants is to tap into Mark’s experience and use it as a guide to improve a business’s “newsworthiness” and interest in a specific story.

Robert Mark is the publisher of his own aviation blog, JetWhine.com. He is also an editor at AIN Safety Week, and the CEO of Commavia. He has been recognized and quoted in a number of aviation-related stories, and considered to be an expert in the field of content marketing for aviation.

Williams indicated in a recent blog, “The latest marketing technique known as ‘content marketing’ is really just another term for the time-honored tradition of great storytelling.” While many people may not feel that they have a storytelling experience that is worthy of attracting attention, she points out that a story does not need to be a history making event in order to make an impact. Smaller, more trivial stories can actually have a bigger influence on the day-to-day successes that an individual may experience. The point, she says, is “when you need to persuade someone of something, often, the most effective way is not with raised voices or exhortation or ‘swinging your helmet at people,’ quoting the story of a superior officer chastising his subordinate for being late. Sometimes the story, well told, can be just as effective as the actual event in making a point.

Williams believes that the key to successful storytelling does not necessarily lie in the information people deliver as much as in the manner in which they deliver it. So, when businesses decide to implement a content marketing strategy, they should apply the same principles that one would apply when creating an effective storyline.

It is recommended that all those who plan to participate in the upcoming webinar, be prepared with a list of questions that they can use to incorporate in the discussion. This way, they can get advice directly from Mark.

For those who are not scheduled to be a part of the webinar or would like more information, the company can be contacted directly for additional details.


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