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Ant Ser Pest Control Inc. of Bradenton Florida Launches New Website

December 04, 2019 – – The leading pest control service in Bradenton and Sarasota Florida, Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc. has just released its new website to help communicate its services and successes to potential clients in Bradenton and Sarasota Florida.

The newly redesigned website helps visitors navigate through the various services provided by Ant-Ser Pest control as well as identify different types of pests. Identification of pests is the first step in dealing with them. Owner Mr. Ahrens notes “We help people identify pests and then help them to deal with them. Living in Florida there is no shortage in pests that can enter your home year round.” Potential clients can browse the site and see services provided as well as success stories from past clients.

Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc. has recently just celebrated its 19th year in service. In a business that is generally dominated by large corporations with generic services and poor customer service, Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc. has really emerged as a popular choice for residential and commercial clients. At times even working with large commercial pest control companies to solved their clients issues. Mr. Ahrens continues “What really separates us from general pest control services is our customer service. When Ant-Ser comes to your home or business, you have a Certified Entomologist looking into your specific problem. We’ve seen all types of pest problems and dealt successfully with them. We’ve been in business for over 19 years and have many happy and satisfied clients. We make sure our clients are satisfied with our service and we provide education to help the client understand and prevent the problem.”

The newly redesigned website provides testimonials from satisfied clients that have used Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc to deal with their pest problems. The website also provides an encyclopedia of pest that can help people to identify common house pests. The company deals with many different types of pest services and also provides bed bug treatment. Mr. Ahrens adds “different pests need different types of treatments. Bed bugs are a difficult problem that we have dealt successfully with. We are very knowledgeable about the specific methods needed to deal with difficult pests. The new website can help a home or business owner to determine the type of pest and even get some tips on preventing them in the future.”

About Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc.

Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc has served the Bradenton and Sarasota Florida area for over 19 years. The company provides all types of professional pest control services. Certified Entomologist and local owner provides inspection, extermination and maintenance services for residential and commercial clients. Contact them at 941-877-0329 or visit the website at http://ant-ser.org.


For more information about Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc., contact the company here:

Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc.
Jeff Ahrens
Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc.
Bayshore Dr. Bradenton FL 34205

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