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Arta Dawkins is Dominating the Toronto Real Estate Market

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / January 16, 2020 / Passion, dedication and commitment are the three values that make Arta Dawkins who she is. She's an award-winning real estate agent, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, who seems to have no ceiling.

Dawkins' journey of success is one that spans the globe. Originally from Albania, it was in California where she first sunk her teeth in the real estate game within the American market. This international experience is one of the many things that make her the indomitable force she is today. It was twelve years ago that she made her move to Toronto where she'd take off and really make a name for herself, however it wasn't without setbacks and challenges.

The learning curve is steep when it came to consumers in Toronto, but that didn't dishearten her at all. Instead she relied on her passion, dedication, commitment and wealth of knowledge, to push through and become one of the most well-known players in Toronto's real estate arena. Leading her to not only survive in Toronto's market, but also thrive. Going as far as winning the Remax Life Achievement award and entering the Remax Hall of Fame, Diamond Club, and Chairmans Club. (To name a few of her achievements)

It's all her hard work and dedication that has established Dawkins as one of the best choices locally and internationally for high-end clients. Such as top-level executives, celebrities and developers, all the while providing the utmost discretion and dedication to her clientele. Furthermore supported by her values, knowledge, and negotiating skills that she uses with great sophistication and pose is why her diverse worldwide clientele holds her in such high regard.

But it doesn't stop there, another great quality of Dawkins is her willingness to go the distance and beyond. She did not get to a fully operating business with top-notch and national brand recognition by just meeting the expectation, she surpassed it. The culture she has built within her team, is one where you MUST know the product inside and out, to market it in properly and get the top dollar. They do this by using direct marketing, by having individual profiles for each buyer/seller inquiry. Enabling her team to make precise and tactful matches with their client's lifestyle. They qualify consumers and are selective with who they work with. Once again one of the many keys to their success.

If you're interested in having Dawkins' passion, dedication and commitment by your side you can find her on her website http://www.artahomes.com/.


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