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Attract Energy With Feng Shui Sim At Sim Dai Phat

Many Feng Shui Sims are available at Sim Dai Phat.

Vietnam – September 19, 2022

Feng shui is an important discipline in Chinese life. Feng Shui is a theory related to Water, Air, and Wind that affects a person’s happy life. Feng Shui is not a single factor but the harmony of all factors surrounding people, such as terrain, shape, the space layout used in construction, wind direction, etc. And Feng Shui closely affects the prosperity or decline in business.

Businesspeople in Asia pay great attention to Feng Shui. From the door direction of the business place, the interior layout, the paint color, the opening date, etc., are all carefully calculated. For businesses that aim for long-term and strong development, choosing a phone sim that suits Feng Shui is important and necessary.

Sim phone is a means of supporting communication and connecting people. Therefore, cell phone sim plays a very important role in human life. Each sim is the collection of a number from 0-9 and is usually arranged randomly. However, in Feng Shui, experts believe the sims are objects that carry a body and luck. That luck can be good, or it can also bring bad things to the owner.

Choosing a Feng Shui sim is quite a hassle. Forcing the owner to calculate in detail in many aspects, such as the theory of the five elements – carving: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. These elements are related to each other, support the other, or annihilate the other.

To know which the sim element belongs to, the owners necessary to see what the last number in the sim is. For example, 077 xxx 691 carries the water element. Feng Shui experts encourage owners to choose the sim corresponding to their destiny.

Knowing the sim belongs to which element is an easy question in the complicated math of finding Feng Shui sim. To successfully reach the answers, owners need to consider many more aspects.

Yin and yang coordinate. There are yin and yang elements in each person’s sim and destiny. Sims’ yin and yang are expressed in the even and odd numbers ratio. Even numbers belong to negative energy. Odd numbers belong to positive energy. The more even and odd are balanced, the more the yin and yang coordinate. However, if the owner cannot find the sim numbers with a ratio of 5:5, people with positive energy should choose a negative sim and vice versa. But the ratio should not be too yin or yang but only be 6:4.

Hexagram translation. Considering in the sim numbers have good or bad hexagrams. A good sim is a sim that contains many good hexagrams and does not contain a hung hexagram.

Nine-star dharma chart affects the prosperity number in the owner period. Specifically, this era is the Xia Yuan period, with the Bat Bach star governing, so 8 is the number of prosperity. The sim numbers should contain this number.

Choosing a sim that matches Feng Shui is complicated for many people. Understanding that, Sim Dai Phat was established to support customers in the finding Feng Shui sim process. At Sim Dai Phat, customers can find various sim cards with corresponding prices, including all mobile phone network operators such as Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone, Vietnamobile, Gmobile, and Itelecom. The development team, and consultants, have high qualifications in Feng Shui, enthusiastic service attitude, and dedication, promising to satisfy each customer that Sim Dai Phat serves.

For more details about the types of sims being offered at Sim Dai Phat or for dedicated advice, please visit this link: https://simdaiphat.vn

About the website: Sim Dai Phat offers various sim cards with good fortune from all Vietnam mobile phone network operators. Having full resources and experience in buying, selling, exchanging, and valuing the top Feng Shui sim cards. Operating for 10 years in the digital sim development market, Sim Dai Phat prioritizes putting product quality first, taking customers as the center.

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