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Junk Rescue Paints Dumpster Pink and Will Donate Proceeds From Rentals In October For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Arizona, United States – May 23, 2022

Junk Rescue provides junk removal, demolition, and dumpster rental services. In an effort to help during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they have launched a new initiative with their Pink Dumpsters that aims to not only spread the word in the fight against cancer but to raise some money to do good, as well.

The proceeds in the month of October will go to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. These dumpsters will help spread awareness with the vibrant pink and cancer awareness messaging.

The Pink Dumpster is available all year long. It allows people to get access to the dumpster service they need while also making visible the fight against breast cancer. Junk Rescue intends to make people of all ages more aware of the risk of breast cancer and what they can do in their own lives to manage it, and help early detection through self-examinations and routine screenings.

A portion of the proceeds from the rental of this dumpster will be going towards the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. One of the biggest breast cancer organizations in the United States, this team is best known for its awareness campaigns as well as for advocating for breast cancer patients, helping them understand how to navigate the health care system when treating their condition.

Junk Rescue is one of Arizona’s top junk removal service providers. They specialize in the safe and fast removal of appliances, furniture, and household items of all sizes, including the largest such as hot tubs. They also provide demolition services with insured demolition experts, dumpster rentals, and provide dumpster bags for when clients don’t quite need a full dumpster’s worth of space.

To learn more about Junk Rescue, their services, and their efforts to spread awareness and raise money during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can visit their website at


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Ballerz Stuns The World Of Male Underwear With Ergonomically Designed Boxer Briefs

United States – May 23, 2022

Made from high-quality Tencel fabric with incredible moisture absorption properties, the all-new breathable Ballerz Boxer Briefs is redefining the standards of comfort with its ergonomic patent-pending 3-D convex design

Ballerz has apparently stunned the world of male underwear with its Ultimate Performance Underwear that’s ergonomically designed. The men’s luxury underwear brand recently unveiled a new line of boxer briefs – made with its patent-pending 3-D convex design, that provides ultimate support and improves performance.

As more and more brands continue to dive into the saturated world of male underwear, consumers are finding it difficult to find products that are both comfortable and sustainable. 

While women have a lot of credible options to choose from when seeking top-quality underwear, men, on the other hand, are left with very few viable sources, as the majority of the players in the industry operate with the notion that men don’t just care about the quality of their underwear.

According to Ballerz, while many other male luxury brands try to cut production costs and maximize profits by opting for the cheaper fabrics, the brand’s team has spent a lot of time and resources researching the best fabrics in the market that could provide consumers with a truly premium wearing experience.

“We’ve made it our goal to become the Victoria’s Secrets of male underwear. We want to correct the misconception that men don’t care about the quality of their underwear. We know that the testicles are one of a man’s most prized possession and so it is important to house them in fabrics whose texture and chemical composition are both safe, comfortable, and sustainable.”

Made from high-quality Tencel fabric with an incredible 50% more water absorption capability than cotton, the new Ballerz Boxer Briefs is currently the most comfortable and breathable male underwear available in the market.

Mainly used by activewear and sportswear brands, Tencel is a light and versatile material with incredible moisture-wicking abilities. The amazing fabric is less susceptible to odorous bacteria growth and is also highly pill-resistant, ensuring that the boxer briefs look sharp and maintain their vibrant colors regardless of how frequently they are washed.

Unlike cotton-poly blend fabrics that require the addition of chemicals to absorb moisture, the Tencel fabric used in the manufacturing of the Ballerz Boxer Briefs possesses tiny hydrophilic fibers also known as “water lovers” that quickly absorbs sweat to leave the wearer dry and comfortable all day long.

The innovative 3-D pocket design on the Ballerz Boxer Briefs offers all-day comfort and protection in all types of climates. Made for the modern man, the new amazing name underwear comes in a variety of color-rich styling, with brilliant hues that complement any ensemble.

Ballerz insists that its new boxer briefs will neither pull, contract, or bind, giving wearers the freedom to comfortably engage in all kinds of activities without fear of limitation.

“Our Ballerz Boxer Briefs are the modern choice for the modern man. It doesn’t matter whether you have to deal with the summer heat or run away from the winter cold. Our boxer brief will be with you like a second layer of skin through every step of the way.”

In addition to creating the most comfortable pair of underwear for men, Ballerz has identified itself as a socially conscious brand by supporting the Baller Dream Foundation in its mission to lift the spirits of brave young warriors and their families fighting cancer.

The men’s luxury underwear brand has revealed that it will join in raising awareness of the charity organization’s laudable activities and also donate a portion of its sales to supper it on its mission.

“At Ballerz, we believe that we all have the power to make a change in the world. If we work together, we can make the world a better place. This philosophy forms part of our ethos, driving everything that we do at Ballerz.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the new amazing Ballerz Boxer Briefs can visit the company’s online store to check out available sizes and color options, or reach out to the brand directly by emailing us at

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Seagrassmarketers acquired 2.8 Million Healthcare Databases from Asian countries and 1.2 Million Healthcare Databases from Europe

Wilmington, DE – May 23, 2022

Email & SMS marketing have long been a successful way for businesses to reach out to potential clients or partners. Seagrassmarketers – a B2B marketing agency – has recently announced some substantial acquisitions. The company has acquired 2.8 million new healthcare databases from countries in Asia and 1.2 million from Europe. 

This means that SGM now has over 12 million healthcare databases worldwide, partnering with multiple vendors to provide email and SMS campaigns. The data in these databases is continuously updated and enhanced through a blend of primary research, transactional data, customer change requests, and trusted government and industry sources. They are audited annually, and OneKey is also updated daily as information is verified. 

What is a healthcare database?

Healthcare businesses need to generate networks, communicate with valuable stakeholders, and build powerful marketing campaigns. SGM’s healthcare databases are here to ensure all of this is possible. 

Effectively, these databases will contain millions of emails for practitioners around the world. It provides healthcare businesses with trusted contact details to try and reach out and grow their companies. Adding millions of new healthcare databases from Asia and Europe has allowed SGM to further expand its offering to clients. There are now even more verified and trusted email addresses that businesses in the healthcare sector can utilize for marketing material. 

Seagrassmarketers are setting the standard

SGM is clearly setting the standard for healthcare databases. The vast array of databases available is already a massive benefit that other B2B marketing agencies struggle to compete with. What’s more, the fact that the data is constantly updated and checked ensures that clients always get verified email addresses and phone numbers. 

Unlike other agencies, SGM is committed to continuously improving this service. The business invests 2 million dollars every year to refine and improve its offerings. They even guarantee that clients purchasing these database lists will get the top B2B data needed for sales, marketing, research, and reference requirements. SGM also goes beyond this to prove help with any marketing efforts – including marketing lists and direct marketing. It creates a service that’s hard to top. 

The company is currently offering a special deal where new clients receive 100 free samples. Anyone interested in this should email

About SGM

Seagrassmarketers is composed of an expert team of researchers that compile massive APAC B2B email lists by sourcing relevant business data from different sources. All the data is then verified and validated, ensuring it is always updated to facilitate targeted marketing for clients. SGM believes the future of all marketing will be driven by those that understand how to turn data into high-quality information. 

For more information on the company, or to learn more about the services, view the website here:

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Name: Kevin Pye
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Organization: SGM
Address: 3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 1827 Wilmington, DE 19808 United States Of America
Phone: (302)626-9030 Ext 505

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Lustosa Marketing Brings Outsourced Marketing Benefits To Growing Businesses

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia – May 23, 2022

Based in Adelaide, South Australia’s sunny capital, Lustosa Marketing is a full-marketing service team that has launched with the aim of bringing the benefits of outsourcing one’s marketing depart to businesses of all sizes. With over three decades of experience in providing marketing services to their team, they can help businesses outsource their entire marketing department.

In an increasingly digital landscape, where the consumer’s attention is being vied for by a range of brands at almost all times, it’s important to ensure a strong marketing strategy. With their outsourced marketing services, Lustosa Marketing aims to take much of the effort of keeping competitive off the shoulders of the business owners and managers, allowing them to focus on the tasks that help them grow their business.

With the experience that they bring in working in a wide range of sectors, with clients such as  Belle Property, Shaw and Partners, Logic Figures, Anglicare, and more, Lustosa Marketing aims to offer a fresh perspective to the marketing challenges and questions that face businesses of all sizes and in all industries. They bring experience in designing and implementing marketing plans that can help achieve growth, retention, and brand recognition.

While based in Adelaide, Lustosa Marketing is a global agency that understands many different markets and can help its clients grow into new markets. 

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have found themselves having to pivot or to weigh their focuses differently, responding to changes in the market and differing levels of demand for their services and products,” said Celeste Lustosa, found of Lustosa Marketing. “Changing their branding and outreach through the kind of marketing strategy & implementation that Lustosa offers can play a large role in doing that.”

Founded by renowned Brazilian marketer Celeste, Lustosa Marketing is a team that aims to inspire business owners to stand out from the crowd by providing them with tailored marketing solutions. With a focus on telling powerful brand stories, honestly communicating a business’s strengths, and helping clients adapt to changing times, the team includes designs, marketing managers, and copywriting expertise to ensure a thorough brand transformation, all handled by a team dedicated to their client’s success.

To learn more about Lustosa Marketing, the benefits of working with an outsourced marketing team, and the services that they can provide, you can visit their site at


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Modern Maids Reminds Clients to Book Move Out Cleanings Ahead of Time

San Antonio, TX, United States – May 23, 2022

The in-demand cleaning business Modern Maids has a message for clients in San Antonio and all the other communities it serves: plan ahead to take the stress out of your moving day. As it prepares to respond to the skyrocketing demand during yet another hectic summer season, the company remains as committed as ever to maintaining a high standard of service, going out of its way to provide clients with a timeline they are comfortable with and the results that meets their expectations.

The demands for Move Out/Move In Cleaning service is high among homeowners, landlords, and tenants. The purpose of this specialized cleaning service is to clean a house or apartment, whether furnished, semi-furnished, or unfurnished after occupants have moved out as thoroughly and effectively as possible.

The Owner, Founder & CEO of Modern Maids Justin Carpenter explains: “Move out cleaning helps homeowners looking to sell avoid the risk of driving away serious buyers. It is a must-have for landlords who want to attract quality tenants. Last but not least, it protects tenants against complications such as embarrassing misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts.”

The demand for quality Move Out Cleaning services is still as strong as ever. What’s more, it is continuing to grow as more and more people and families realize that time is precious.

Mr. Carpenter continues: “This is a valuable lesson the pandemic has taught us: it is better to spend quality time with loved ones and leave some things to professionals than to risk being stretched too thin with disappointing results.”

The service can be time-consuming due to its two essential requirements: high attention to detail and an extensive checklist. It usually requires a team of cleaners to be actively involved in the process from start to finish.

“We recommend that you book your Move Out Cleaning weeks in advance. As always, we will go above and beyond. Relocation can be such a stressful event. Spare yourself the ordeal of having to spend days cleaning the house when we can do it for you, and much more efficiently.”, adds Mr. Carpenter.

About Modern Maids: Modern Maids offers a comprehensive range of cleaning services and provides a Satisfaction Guarantee with each. True to its name, the company, which was established in 2017, has since grown into a reputable modern cleaning business where clients are in for an exceptional customer experience throughout. Modern Maids caters to the needs of multiple communities, including San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas, TX, Phoenix, AZ, but also Las Vegas, NV, and Atlanta, GA.

For more information, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Justin Carpenter
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Organization: Modern Maids Cleaning of San Antonio
Address: San Antonio
Phone: +1 210 864 2201

Release ID: 89075519

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Insure My House Launches Online Access To Cheap Home Insurance In Ireland

Dublin City, Ireland – May 23, 2022

Insure My House has launched its new website, aiming to help homeowners find the cheap home insurance they need throughout Ireland, amidst the rising costs of living. This team of home insurance specialists aim to help their clients get the best deals on the market, reducing the cost of their policy while still making sure that they get all of the coverage that they need.

Welcoming both existing and new customers, Insure My House offers visitors the ability to submit the details most important to their application to get a quote online or even to renew their policies throughout the website. As such, the team aims to offer not just better home insurance deals, but a more accessible and convenient way to manage all their client’s home insurance needs online.

Home insurance is crucial, and making sure that customers get the kind of coverage they need is an important step, as being underinsured can lead to some heavy costs down the line. As such, Insure My House offers a range of policies, from basic home insurance coverage to second home insurance, holiday home insurance, Airbnb home insurance, as well as contents insurance and landlord insurance. They are also glad to talk to any interested parties who aren’t certain precisely what kind of insurance and how much they might need on their home, answering their questions and providing suggestions when needed.

Alongside their home insurance policies, Insure My Home makes sure that dedicated service comes with all coverage that they offer. This includes ongoing support in navigating the different choices and needs that might grow and change over time. They provide expert advice to make sure that clients fulfil their needs at the price points that work for them, and offer some of the best rates, all the while treating clients with courtesy, respect, and attention to detail that helps them feel comfortable with their choices.

A team of house insurance specialists, Insure My Home was created with the intent of helping people protect the most important and valuable assets in their lives. They are part of the City Financial Marketing Group Ltd, one of the largest insurance brokers in the company, bringing plenty of experience in helping clients see to all of their insurance needs.

To learn more about Insure My House, their home insurance services, and how else they can help, you can visit their website at


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Phone: 01 6606900

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Independent Global Film Movement Tackles Diversity Issues At The 75th Festival De Cannes

Los Angeles, CA, California, United States – May 22, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Yolonda Brinkley, creator of Diversity in Cannes, the independent global film movement promoting inclusion

at the Cannes Film Festival, is pleased to announce her return to the Croisette, for the 13th year, with Diversity Days, May 23 & 25, 2022.

Presented with support from Julius Tennon and Academy Award Winner Viola Davis’ JuVee Productions, Cheryl Magazine, Williamson Media Group, Joshua Griffin of Film TV Diversity and Cultured Focus Magazine, this year kicks off with the launch of Brinkley’s Dear Cannes digital social media campaign, encouraging the Festival to dismantle the patriarchy. It continues with a series of short film screenings, panel discussions and cocktail receptions. To culminate, Diversity in Cannes, will devote Wednesday, May 25, 2022 to the celebration of black women in film.

“We are a proud sponsor of Yolonda Brinkley and the Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase, as she continues her work of over a decade, creating an international platform for underrepresented filmmakers, where artists can be celebrated and seen. Congratulations to all the creators in this year’s showcase.” -Julius Tennon & Viola Davis, JuVee Productions.

In her relentless pursuit to level the playing field and provide an intimate platform for diverse filmmakers telling stories specific to marginalized people globally, Yolonda Brinkley and the Diversity in Cannes team, have worked tirelessly to make their second semi-post pandemic appearance at the Cannes Film Festival.

Despite the paradigm shift, the organization will present diversity programming for two days. On May 23, 2022, 12-8 PM at Hotel Gray D’Albion, marks the return of Diversity Day, consisting of a short film showcase, a cocktail reception, filmmaker roundtable and the France premiere of BabyGirl. A thought-provoking short film exploring human sex trafficking in the black community, directed by Don B. Welch.

“We are looking forward to having our film BabyGirl spotlighted at the 2022 Diversity in Cannes Short

Film Showcase. What an honor!” – Don B. Welch, Filmmaker

Expanding the inclusion efforts to the Palais des Festivals and International Village, Day 2, Wednesday, May 25, 2022, kicks off with a continental breakfast and will extend into the Marché du Film at Pavillon Afriques, for the world premiere of The Invitation, a short film commemorating 75 years of The Links, Incorporated, directed by Wendy Eley Jackson. Immediately following the screening, there will be a filmmaker Q&A as well as a black woman in film roundtable. The celebration concludes with a professional screening, spotlighting black women in film at 4PM in Palais F and a cocktail reception at Pavillon Afriques.

In solidarity, black women attending the Celebration of Black Women in Film are invited to wear black, white and yellow attire, and are encouraged to upload their own videos in response to the realization that there’s only been one black woman selected in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in its 75 years.

Hashtags #dearcannes #diversityincannes should be used when posting.

“At a time when worldwide representation of women, people of color and other marginalized groups, in film, is disproportionate to the general market, I am committed to the fight for diversity and inclusion, by any means necessary, at the Cannes Film Festival; especially since, after 75 years, diversity is still not a priority,” comments Yolonda Brinkley, creator of Diversity in Cannes.

Filmmakers selected to participate and courageous enough to brave the pandemic in support of diversity and inclusion are listed below. For schedule and to RSVP visit Film Freeway.

1.  The Fisherman by Zoey Martinson

2.  The German King by Adetokumboh M’Cormack

3.  I Won The Lottery by Jenn Shaw

4.  Spin by Lisa Marie Tedesco

5.  Game of Life – Italy by Valeria Costa

6.  An Island Drifts by Vivian IP

7.  Potluck by LaLa Halsema

8.  Don’t Let Go by Mel Orpen

9.  American Dream by Angela Garcia Comb

10.  Fuego by Christina Rodriquez

11. 7 Sharp by LaCora Stephens

12. The Best Time by Shaunic Stanford

13.  BabyGirl by Don B. Welch

14.  Bus Driver by Amar Singh Sethi

15. Dear Mama by Winter Dunn

16. Cuidate by Christian Nunez

17. A Poisonous Tree by Shawn Daffin

18. Aysha by Cenzig Akaygün

Short Film Corner Screening

1. Beyond the Blue by Tanya Randall

2. Cupids by Zoey Martinson

3. Fuego by Christine Rodriguez

4. The Best Time by Shaunic Stanford

5. 7 Sharp by LaCora Stevens

6. American Dream by Angela Garcia Combs

7. Potluck by LaLa Halsema

About Us: Created in 2010 by Yolonda Brinkley, Diversity in Cannes is an independent filmmaker movement promoting inclusion at the Cannes Film Festival. The movement was established to promote the presence of underrepresented filmmakers sharing stories about marginalized populations during the Cannes Film Festival. Specifically, the grassroots initiative provides a platform for globally diverse filmmakers to promote their talents, present their work and expand their international network during the Cannes Film Festival.

Contact Info:
Name: Yolonda Brinkley
Email: Send Email
Organization: Diversity in Cannes

Video URL:

Release ID: 89075503

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SuonerieTelefono – Free Phone Ringtones Platform Easy To Set Up And Use

Italy – May 23, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Replacing people’s phone’s ringtone with a much more attractive, interesting and compelling tone that represents them and fits their personality. People can utilize every source as a ringtone, whether it’s a piece of popular movie music, people’s loved songs or a sound effect from a video game. Installing free ringtones on users’ personal phones according to their preferences, feelings or their best friend or lover when a call, message or alert comes in, the ringing ringtone will help them distinguish what music from their phone to help them know who is calling, as well as recognize when there is a message, email Free ringtones for different devices are so much easier and more convenient to use. Among the many websites that provide ringtones, users need to choose the right place to download them. Some sites have so few options that it’s not even worth trying, and some make users pay to buy ringtones. If someone is looking for ringtones for their phone, SuonerieTelefono is a good platform for downloading suitable ringtones, and it’s completely free.

SuonerieTelefono’s free ringtones provide users with over 10.000 different options. Much like these other free ringtone sites, this website lets you look through many categories to find your next favorite ringtone. With the largest free ringtone store of SuonerieTelefono, users can freely choose good and unique ringtones to create an impression, personality and interesting surprises for those around them. A few include classic, hip hop, message tones, holiday, dog sound, Xiaomi, electronica, and so on. It is also suitable for most popular phones such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, etc. The website brings users the hottest ringtones on the music market with all genres. Ringtones are very easy to set and use, and they are easily available online on SuonerieTelefono. Many are quite amusing to hear, thus bringing more life to the user’s mobile phone. SuonerieTelefono has a huge collection of free ringtones that are easy to download. First, users connect to the website, choose their favorite category, then click on the best suitable ringtone based on their requirements, and tap on the “Download Ringtone” button. And finally, the ringtones will be downloaded. This website easily fits both mobile and desktop devices. Ringtones sound amusing, and studies also show that ringtone explains users’ personalities and lists different ringtone categories and the relationship to their favorite with each ringtone. Download ringtones that project a cool personality and appearance. People can be judged by the ringtone they set. Choosing a new and popular ringtone and making sure it’s not boring, outdated or annoying will result in a better user experience.

For more information, click at:

About the company: SuonerieTelefono is a free ringtone website that supports users to download their favorite ringtones.

Contact Detail:




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Name: Jason Hawker
Email: Send Email
Organization: SuonerieTelefono
Address: Via Galvani 84, Segni, Roma, Italy
Phone: +39778246767

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Houston Brain Injury Lawyer Promotes Safe Driving This Summer

Houston, TX, Texas, United States – May 22, 2022

Ben Dominguez a personal injury lawyer that specializes in brain injuries is pleased to announce the launch of a campaign to promote safe driving. As the summer season comes to an end, everyone is looking forward to spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, the holidays also bring an increased risk of car accidents. Tragedy can happen anytime, but the summer months are particularly dangerous because of the high volume of vehicles on the road. It’s one reason why brain injury lawyers in Houston encourage drivers to make safety their top priority. Wearing a seat belt can help prevent severe injuries in a misfortune event. With this in mind, the Ben Dominguez law firm is urging all drivers to buckle up and make wise choices this season.

“We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable summer as we come close to the end of this season,” said Ben Dominguez, lawyer, and owner of Ben Dominguez Law Firm. “We strongly encourage drivers to take extra precautions when behind the wheel and make smart choices that will increase their safety. Many auto accidents that lead to head trauma are caused by driver negligence or recklessness on the road; that is why wearing a seat belt is one of the simplest things you can do to protect yourself, and it could make all the difference in a crash.”

No one wants to think about being in a car accident, but it’s essential to be prepared. Head injury from a collision can be minor or life-threatening, and even a small fender bender can result in extensive medical bills in rehabilitation, even brain trauma and concussion. That’s why it’s so important to have good knowledge of where to run to get the best treatment and legal advice in case of trouble. Ben Dominguez is a law firm that takes brain injury cases and focuses on personal injury claims, including those involving severe brain injury. Thanks to the firm’s years of an experienced and talented team of legal professionals, victims can get the help they need for a brighter future.

In the event of an accident this vacation, don’t hesitate to reach out to Houston’s trusted attorney at Ben Dominguez law firm. Their personal injury lawyer is dedicated to helping victims get the resources they need to recover and move on, making them one of the best choices for those looking to file an injury claim for medical treatment. Their free consultation will help their potential clients understand their rights and begin building a case without any financial risk. They have almost 25 years of experience helping people in the region and can provide invaluable advice on every issue. So, be safe this summer vacation season and follow Houston Brain Injury Lawyer’s tips for a happy, healthy holiday.

To learn more about Ben Dominguez law firm and its services, visit their website at today or call at 713-224-7333 for a free consultation.

Contact Info:
Name: Ben Dominguez
Email: Send Email
Organization: Ben Dominguez Law Firm
Address: 4899 Montrose Blvd Suite 1306, TX
Phone: 713-224-7333

Release ID: 89075482

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The Online Fashion Brand Bringing Back Sophistication & Bold Style to Women’s Activewear

United States – May 22, 2022

Nass is making women’s activewear fun again with its lineup of exclusive designs that catch the eyes.   

The greatest and most useful of human creations are usually borne out of a mix of passion and love. History is filled with countless inventions that were discovered thanks to the combination of these two intoxicating factors. This situation still holds true today and Nastya Nass is all too familiar with it.

Nastya had been on a soul-searching journey to discover herself when she stumbled on dancing. The feeling of wild abandon and creative freedom it gave her made her decide that this is what she wanted to do. In her bid to share her new passion for movement, dancing, and, most significantly, freedom with the world, she came up with the Nass brand in 2020.

Nass is a brand of women’s clothing that embodies the philosophy of lightness, which is peculiar to twerking. Its mind-blowing designs and bold style has made it a brand that appeals to people with an active lifestyle. In Nass activewear, everyone is sure to find a part of themselves.

Nass offers a range of women’s activewear that most people would find appealing. Some of its products include shorts, leggings, tops, swimsuits, dresses, lingerie, and hoodies. Each of these items does not come in the drab and boring colors that are common with other brands. Instead, they come in dreamy prints like barberry bush, multicolor, colored caramel, shimmer zebra, blue morpho, lounge velour, trible green, Hawaii flowers, summer rainbow, among others.

There are also graphic t-shirts emblazoned with fun and quirky quotes to put the wearer in a good mood. In addition to women’s sportwear, Nass has fitness equipment in stock to get its clients burning those unwanted calories and generally staying fit. Some of the fitness equipment include ankle strap, booty band set, gloves, and stretching cubes.

Nass designs are a unique selling point of the brand. It is done in such a way that it embodies the principle of freedom and originality that the brand was founded on. This is why designs are handled in-house by the team and not outsourced to others as is common in the fashion industry. What’s more, the Nass collections are strictly available in limited collections to give its wearer that exclusive feel that can’t be gotten anywhere else.

From its humble beginnings, the Nastya Nass brand has grown to be the favorite activewear of a mixed community of fashion enthusiasts and twerk culture fans. It is also fast becoming a cult hit with those who love to express themselves in bold styles. Lovers of the Nass brand can confidently hit the streets in the brand’s design, knowing that they are a limited edition. 

To see all that Nass has to offer please visit their website or follow them on Instagram and YouTube.

Contact Info:
Name: Diana
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Organization: Nass
Address: United States

Release ID: 89075333

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