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Small Businesses In The News, A Full Service Press Release Writing Company Offers Free Guide On How To Write Media Releases

January 11, 2019 – – Los Angeles, CA – Knowing how to write media releases for small businesses is pertinent in the growth of a marketing plan online. Gone are the days that media releases are used only as a means of news through a television channel, and now businesses that wish to share their news online are able to do so themselves. Media releases provide up to date, ongoing content that boosts search engine optimization, drives calls and sales, and garners more visits to business websites – all of these things resulting in more sales. Media releases are a great way to provide SEO optimized content that includes relevant keywords to a small businesses target audience. If this content is written with the correct keywords, search engines will be more likely to put the media release on the first page, meaning that it is much easier to be found by potential clients or customers.

Media releases can be written on a never-ending array of topics such as a new store or website, upcoming events, awards, accomplishments, new services or products, etc. The list is endless for topics and can establish a businesses credibility in a local area or field of interest, spread their news far and wide to possible future customers and clients, boost their visibility, and create brand awareness to consumers online.

Most small businesses have a tough time teaching themselves how to write media releases. However, Small Businesses in the news has streamlined the process, making it easy for businesses to tap into the power of media releases as a marketing tool online. Media releases can act as a deep well of original content that most importantly provides strong backlinks to their website. Backlinks are important as they signal search engines that others are talking about the company and it’s relevant services or products online. This cue tells Google or other search engines that a business should be moved higher on the search engine to be shown to those that are interested.

Small Businesses In The News knows that it is hard to write a media release correctly, therefore they are now offering a free guide: A Step-by-Step Blueprint for Small Businesses To Writing a Great Press Release. The free guide details everything businesses need to know about writing a media release, gives them examples of what they can write in a media release, and how to publish the release online to 100+ news channels. To download the free guide, visit their webpage here.


For more information about Small Businesses in The News, contact the company here:

Small Businesses in The News

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Hard Drive Recovery Group’s Blog Talks DIY Data Recovery, Windows Vs. Mac

January 11, 2019 – – Hard Drive Recovery Group’s blog continues to publish weekly posts on technology and hard drive issues, with December’s posts including a critical post on doing data recovery by yourself.

“Can You DIY Data Recovery” speaks specifically to users that are looking to save funds by attempting to perform their own data recoveries. This has long been an issue for professional data recovery service companies like Hard Drive Recovery Group, which guarantee full data recovery or there is no fee charged.

“Many people tend to think that hard disk drives or SSDs are as simple to repair as something like a bicycle or an automobile,” said Maureen Davies of Hard Drive Recovery Group. “The main issue is that this is miles from the truth. The fact is, if you have a hard drive that has failed because of physical or mechanical problems with the disk itself, the only thing most users can do is create more damage!”

This concept plays out daily in the data recovery world, where many hard drive users literally take their hard disk drives to the breaking point by doing catastrophic things like opening the hard disk in a non-clean room environment, or attempting to switch parts from another drive. Once the user inevitably fails with their “repairs”, data recovery service professionals are often left to pick up the pieces – at a far steeper price.

“If we had a dollar for every DIY data recovery that doubled or tripled the cost of the final hard drive recovery, we would be rich,” said Davies. “If you have a hard drive failure situation that looks to be physical in nature, you can save yourself time and money by shutting the system down immediately and putting your screwdrivers away!”

Also published in December was a post entitled “Is It Time To Make The Switch: Mac To Windows?”, which discusses the reasons why many people are beginning to switch their environments from Mac back to Windows.

As a Mac data recovery service with a variety of Apple experience, Hard Drive Recovery Group certainly has no particular preference for recovering Windows vs. Mac drives, but does note that a lot of users seem to be defecting back to tried and true Microsoft.

“Although it is no longer a fiercely growing sector, people still use PCs, either in desktop or laptop form, on a daily basis,” said Davies. “Apple seems to have begun to consider most of their computers to be a bit of an afterthought, which has meant that Windows competitors have been able to catch up in terms of design and functionality.”

Naturally, the economics are key when one is looking for a computer system, which is one of many areas where Apple products fail. Apple’s MacBook, as an example, is typically $400-$1500 more than a similarly benchmarked Windows laptop.

The post Making Sense Of Big Data, meanwhile, speaks about big data and some of the privacy concerns in an age where data security seems to be lagging. Companies are being called out on a weekly basis for large data breaches, while user privacy takes a hit. This has resulted in a variety of issues for all data managers, but particularly those in the consumer area, where the sheer amount of data that can be lost can seriously damage the brand.

“Companies that handle tons and tons of data seem to be encountering hacking scenarios on a daily basis,” said Davies. “This all points to a new dynamic where consumers need to be intensely aware of the fact that their data is at risk less on their computers, than on those of the companies they deal with.”

Hard Drive Recovery Group continues to publish a new blog post each week about data in general, from individual personal data issues to those of enterprises with major security responsibilities.

“It is our hope that by publishing these posts, companies begin to take data security in general more seriously,” said Davies. “Losing data is really only a bad situation when you don’t have a plan to deal with it.”


For more information about Hard Drive Recovery Group, contact the company here:

Hard Drive Recovery Group
Maureen Davies
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Irvine, CA

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Small Businesses In The News Teaches Small Businesses Why It Is Important To Write Press Releases

January 11, 2019 – – There is great benefit to be found for small businesses that know how to write a press release and make it part of their marketing plan. Press releases can garner credibility in local areas because they provide relevant, real time content that shares the most recent news and goings on of a business. When written properly, press releases boost search engine optimization by including the right keywords for the businesses target audience. The more content that is created using the correct keywords, the more likely search engines are to put the small businesses content on the first page. Being on the first page of Google or another search engine most likely results in more calls and emails as well as more visits to the website, inadvertently resulting in more sales.

Most small businesses have a hard time learning how to write press releases. Small Businesses In The News, a full service press releases writing and publishing company, offers a fresh approach to content marketing online. Typical marketing agencies are not tapping into the power of press releases used as ongoing content. The difference between a press release and a blog lies in the power of SEO and backlinked content. When blogs can only be directly posted onto the small businesses website, press releasees can be distributed across many news channels online that already hold high authority on the web. This means that these pieces of content will provide strong backlinks to the business’s website – in turn cueing Google or other search engines that the business offers relevant useful content to the online world.

Because they know the importance of press releases, Small Businesses In The News is offering a free step-by-step guide for readers to learn how to write a press release. The guide acts as a blueprint for small business owners or their marketing team to learn the details that go into a great press release, and how to publish it online to 100+ news outlets through Small Businesses In The News and their platform. The free guide can be found here for download and viewing.


For more information about Small Businesses in The News, contact the company here:

Small Businesses in The News

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Amazon Workers Compensation Attorney Launches Online Blog

January 11, 2019 – – Murrieta and Palm Springs, CA based Law Offices of Kevin Cortright are pleased to announce that attorney Kevin Cortright has published a new blog on his website specifically addressing those injured while working at Amazon. “We have extensive experience helping injured workers, and understand the demands that warehouse associates, warehouse managers, fulfillment associates, delivery drivers, and other employees working for Amazon experience daily,” said Kevin Cortright.

In a demanding, fast-paced environment like those at Amazon, injuries may occur. The National Council for Occupational Safety, a worker advocacy group, has urged Amazon to give urgent attention to their workplace safety protocols as there have been seven deaths at Amazon warehouses since 2013. “Amazon workers suffer injuries—and sometimes lose their lives—in a work environment with a relentless demand to fill orders under close monitoring of employee actions,” reported the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health. Many family members are not aware that if an Amazon worked perishes in a work accident, they may be entitled to receive Workers Comp Death Benefits.

The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright can help Amazon workers throughout California from offices in Murrieta and Palm Springs. “We are dedicated to protecting worker rights and helping them obtain the benefits and financial compensation needed for recovery,” stated Kevin Cortright.

Amazon worker injuries include a recent incident where at least two dozen workers at Amazon’s Robbinsville, New Jersey plant were hospitalized after a can of bear repellent fell off a shelf. Warehouse workers often suffer pain as a result of their workload, after walking many miles per shift, bending to pick up heavy objects from low locations, or standing in one place without a chair. Many of the warehouse workers use electronic devices which monitor the speed at which they work, and are under constant pressure to hit performance targets—making it difficult to take any time to stay hydrated or take a toilet break.

Amazon regularly uses temporary workers to fill orders during peak times, including those during holiday shopping periods (with up to 80,000 seasonal workers). Many temporary workers seek to become permanent members of staff, walking more than 12 miles per shift in order to pursue that goal. However, seasonal workers hired to cover busy seasons often lose their jobs with little or no notice.

The use of temporary workers, usually subcontracted through staffing agencies, has become a standard method of operations at many companies. There are few protections for anyone working in an environment like this if they suffer an injury or illness. The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright offer a free consultation to discuss work injuries, and visitors to their website can use the online contact form to receive a response.

In his capacity as a Amazon Workers Compensation Attorney, Cortright stated that, “Temporary workers often feel they don’t have the same rights to claim for on-the-job injuries as permanent staff. Under California’s guidelines for injured workers, notifying an employer of a work injury should happen right after the injury occurs, and if it has developed over time, the employer should be notified as early as possible.” The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright believe in guiding clients through each step of the process, and making themselves available in a welcoming, approachable way.

Filing claims can be a daunting process for many who have developed injuries over time, or for those who have suffered from a workplace accident. However, depending on the circumstances and extent of the injury, workers may be qualified to receive any of the following: medical care, rehabilitative care, temporary disability payments, permanent disability payments, and/or job skills retraining benefits.

Amazon, who have an in-house team of medical staff consisting of EMTs and other medical personnel (Amcare), instructs workers to notify security, before calling emergency services, and tell them the nature of the medical emergency and location. Security or Amcare then provide the emergency response. Common issues cited by Amazon workers reported to 911 services include difficulty breathing, chest pains, cardiac problems, spells of unconsciousness, or other undefined illnesses.

Through the Amazon workers blog, visitors can access testimonials like the one from David, who says, “Kevin came to visit me in the skilled nursing center after my accident. My husband and I decided to hire him shortly after the incident occurred. He then hired all the experts he needed to make my case. Even though the other side was not helpful in this process, Kevin worked hard to get me the money that I needed to pay my bills and help me to get better physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright are skilled at helping injured workers obtain benefits and financial compensation after a work injury. “We understand the workplace risks at Amazon. We have the experience needed to negotiate with insurance companies to achieve a positive outcome for our clients, and we can pursue a third-party liability lawsuit if negligence is found to involve another person or business,” said Kevin Cortright.

For further information, contact Kevin Cortright, Law Offices of Kevin Cortright, Murrieta, CA. Visitors can find contact information for all locations and use the included contact form on their website to send a message directly. They may also find the Amazon Workers blog at


For more information about Law Offices of Kevin Cortight, contact the company here:

Law Offices of Kevin Cortight
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Cisco Systems Power-Hungry Forbes Magazine Cover Shoot with John Chambers Former CEO

January 11, 2019 – – Silicon Valley, CA — John T. Chambers, former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Cisco Systems, business track record is nothing short of astonishing. In his 20+ years as CEO, Chambers grew the networking hardware company from 400 employees to 70,000, and from $70 million in sales to $47 billion a year.

Michael Grecco, corporate photographer to Fortune 500 CEO’s, captured Chambers’ power image for the cover of Forbes Magazine titled “Power Hungry: Who’s Getting Rich Off Those Electricity-Hogging Data Centers? Cisco.”

John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco, cover shoot for Forbes Magazine by award-winning corporate and celebrity photographer Michael Grecco. Source: Forbes

“The photo shoot with John Chambers resulted in many great executive power images that day. A powerful Fortune 500 CEO is what I wanted the final image to convey. John delivered,” said Grecco.

Chambers has moved mountains in his storied career, beginning in technology sales at IBM. Once he joined Cisco in 1991, Chambers rapidly ascended to role of CEO in 1995. In 2006 he was named Chairman of the Board while still serving as Chief Executive. On July 27, 2015, Chuck Robbins replaced Chambers as CEO of Cisco Systems.

Throughout his 20-year run as CEO, Chambers achieved unicorn-type success with taking Cisco from $70M to $47B a year in sales. Helping put Cisco Systems market cap value around $194B today.

Chambers was named numerous times to the Forbes List for CEO Compensation, hitting the # 9 spot in 2011 taking home $37.9M that year. Some sources have put Chambers overall personal net worth at $1B, wealth mostly accumulated through Cisco. Chambers also penned a book in 2018 titled “Connect the Dots: Leadership Lessons for the Future.”

“Forbes ultimately chose to use the headline ‘Power Hungry’ on the cover. A Power image and power headline equals a power cover, and that is what I strive for with each cover shoot,” Grecco said of his work.

About Forbes Magazine
Forbes magazine is a well-known business magazine published bi-weekly with an estimated 931,000+ circulation. Based in Jersey City, New Jersey, it’s first issue was published 101 years ago starting in 1917. The magazine is well known for the Forbes 400 and other popular net worth lists and rankings. Current Editor-in-Chief is Steve Forbes.

About Michael Grecco:
Michael Grecco is an extensive award-winning Celebrity Photographer and Creative Director with a photography career spanning 41 years, with studios in both Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY.

Grecco’s cover shoots of other business and entertainment industry heavyweights are numerous. Other notable publications and magazine covers Grecco’s photography work has graced, include: Forbes, Business Week, TIME, Newsweek, People, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Maxim, Esquire, Playboy, New York Magazine, LA Times, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN Magazine, Men’s Health and Sports Illustrated, just to name a few.

Grecco can be found traveling the globe over 200+ days each year on high-end commercial, advertising, editorial and entertainment photoshoots and cover shoots for many recognizable celebrities, iconic business greats and global brands. For more information on retaining Michael Grecco and his creative team, call +1-310-452-4461 or visit, or click on Photographers PR.


For more information about Photographers PR, contact the company here:

Photographers PR
Rachel Adams
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Real Estate Consultant Now Buying Houses In Arlington TX

January 11, 2019 – – Texas Property Solutions has announced that they are now buying houses in Arlington, Texas. The company purchases homes directly from homeowners, without the need for real estate agencies and the paperwork and wait times that often go along with working with an agent.

More on Texas Property Solutions and what they do can be seen on the company’s official website at A representative for the company states that they offer options to homeowners that may otherwise not be able to sell their homes quickly.

“Some homeowners do not have the option of working with a real estate agent,” says the representative. “Some may need to sell in just a few days, whereas working with an agent could take months or years. Others may be facing foreclosure or have other reasons that would hinder them from working with a traditional real estate agency. Our options suit every homeowner, and we buy the home quickly so that the owner can move on to another purchase or take care of other issues.”

The company announced that they are now buying homes in Arlington and the surrounding areas. The representative states that they purchase homes in any condition and under any situation, such as foreclosure, making it easier for the homeowner to get out from under that home debt and move on.

Homeowners who are interested in learning more about the specific areas that the company services or in finding out their brick and mortar location can visit them at The company representative says that their home buying services offer quite the benefit over working with a traditional real estate agency for a number of reasons.

“Our process is pretty straightforward,” the company representative continues. “Homeowners can sell their homes quickly, without worries of repairs that may need to be done and without all of the appraisals, inspections and other forms and paperwork that go along with real estate agents. We purchase homes quickly, often within just a week after that first contact.”

The company states that homeowners in the area who are looking to sell their home quickly can contact them to learn more about the next steps that need to be taken. He states that homes can be in any condition, even in dire need of serious repairs including new roofing, floors and even termite issues. He says that they purchase these homes from homeowners in an effort to help those needing to sell to get to the sale more quickly, without the wait times that are common with selling on the real estate market.

The company states that those in Arlington who would like to sell their homes can contact them to discuss their specific options. They state that they buy homes of all shapes and sizes and offer a streamlined process for the homeowner that gets them from the initial contact to the sale in often a week or so. The process is available even for homeowners who still owe money against their mortgage.

The company continues that they do not charge a commission like real estate agents. They state that there are no hidden fees and homeowners are walked through the process from start to finish, ensuring that they know exactly what is happening and when.

Texas Property Solutions has years of experience in working with homeowners to help them to sell their homes. The company states that anyone who is interested in learning more about what they do and how they do it can visit them at Direct contact information for homeowners in Arlington and the surrounding areas who would like to speak with a representative and discuss their options can be found on the company’s official website. The company states that they are willing to discuss any options with homeowners in an attempt to help them to sell their homes and that they are currently purchasing homes in all neighborhoods and subdivisions surrounding Arlington. More can be seen on the company’s website.


For more information about Texas Property Solutions, contact the company here:

Texas Property Solutions
Texas Property Solutions
(817) 547-0830
1351 E Bardin Rd #225
Arlington, TX 76018

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Small Businesses In The News Teaches Small Businesses How To Write Press Releases

January 11, 2019 – – Small businesses can benefit greatly from using press releases as part of their marketing scheme. They help to win more business online by bringing traffic to webpages. Businesses can establish credibility in their local area through sharing relevant content and including the correct keywords. These keywords boost their search engine optimization, and can be tailored to target specific locations or phrases that might be typed in on a search engine by their target audience. The more content they create, the more likely Google or other search engines are to put the specific businesses content or website on the first page. This can result in more sign ups, more traffic to the website, more calls, or more emails for inquiry of both goods and services.

Small businesses have a tight budget, and Small Businesses In The News offers a creative approach to online marketing that is not yet being tapped into by the typical marketing agency. Blogs can only be posted directly on the businesses website, and therefore will contain no relevant backlinks – which are the cornerstone of strong SEO. Press releases, on the other hand, are distributed to many news outlets at once. This means that the content is shared widely across the internet providing many strong, relevant backlinks to the website as well as providing search engines with the cue that the content is important and relevant to the world.

For small businesses that are looking to consistently rank on the first page of Google, Small Businesses In The News is offering a free guide that details how to write press releases. The free guide is a step-by-step blueprint for business owners or marketing directors to learn how to write a great press release, and details how it can be published through Small Businesses In The News to 100+ news outlets online. The guide is free with an email sign up to their newsletter, and can be found here to download.


For more information about Small Businesses in The News, contact the company here:

Small Businesses in The News

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Teachers Are Using Emoji Erasers By LiveEco For Classroom Rewards

January 11, 2019 – – LiveEco has revealed with pride that teachers have been using their emoji erasers as classroom rewards to promote productivity and positive behavior in their students. These emoji erasers come in packs of 60, with 12 different types of emojis. The company also wants to point out that these erasers, just like their other products, are of high quality and are environment friendly, being made from recycled materials and ensured to contain no toxic materials.

LiveEco spokesperson Christina Abels says, “We’re so happy to have found that teachers have been using the emoji erasers as a reward for their students to motivate them to be positive and encourage them to be productive. Here at LiveEco, we are passionate about bringing fun and excitement to children. Most of us are afraid to fail, and so we get stuck in our comfort zone, which can limit our learning and our unlimited potential. We would love for your children to feel comfortable trying new things, and to make mistakes and learn from them. This is what these emoji erasers can teach the children.”

Being comfortable in making mistakes is an important skill in life. Ironically, the traditional education system has a tendency to discourage children from making mistakes because the more correct answers are made by a student the higher the grade that is given. Teachers can make use of the erasers as an opportunity to teach their students that they should not be afraid to make mistakes. Because if they do make a mistake, they can go back and correct them, just like when they are writing something and they make a mistake. They can simply use an eraser to make the necessary corrections. Furthermore, the emoji erasers with human faces printed on them can serve like personal supporters of the children, encouraging to learn from their mistakes and then correcting them.

The fact that teachers love using these emoji erasers as a way to motivate their students is demonstrated by teachers posting positive reviews on Amazon. For instance, one teacher gave the erasers five stars and said, “These were bigger than I thought, which is nice. My students love them. Its the first eraser they grab when choosing from the eraser prize bin.” Another teacher also gave the erasers five stars and said, “My students love these erasers and they’re better quality than most erasers of this kind.” A third teacher who also gave the erasers five stars said, “These erasers were a hit for open house night at our school. I used these for a small gift that was sitting on my students’ desks as they entered the classroom. Colors on the erasers were vibrant, too!”

Many teachers and parents have given highly positive reviews for the erasers on the Amazon page. As shown in their comments, they understand the importance of these erasers for children, which basically means that they need not be afraid to make a mistake because this can easily be erased and corrected. It is their belief that such is an attitude that they can use later on when they have grown into adults, making it easier for them to face the various challenges that life can throw their way. Not being afraid to make mistakes, they will not remain in their comfort zone but instead are ready to face any problems that will emerge.

LiveEco is a company that is focused on sustainability and giving back in its products and its manufacturing processes. Every day they strive to have the lowest carbon footprint and make use only those manufacturing practices that are sustainable. At present, part of these efforts include using recyclable metal and plastic in their products; partnering with to make sure that their shipping processes are carbon-neutral; donating a portion of their sales to environmental charities such as Rainforest Alliance and Earth Justice, and ensuring that their manufacturing facilities do not violate any environmental laws.

Those who need more information about the different LiveEco products, and about using the emoji erasers as rewards for students, can go to the company website or contact them via telephone.


For more information about LiveEco, contact the company here:

Christina Abels

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EcoElectronix Comments on the Benefits of Being a Small Family Owned Business

January 11, 2019 – – The Small Business Association (SBA) states that 30% of businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years, and 66% during the first 10. There are reported 29.6 million small businesses operating in the US alone but only half of them will survive past 5 years which is why it is especially critical to support those who do own small companies.

Small business survival ensures the livelihood of communities, the creation of meaningful jobs, the support of makers, and the preservation of traditional production methods. There are many ways to support small business such as purchasing locally made items and avoiding big corporations, purchasing from craft fairs and markets, leaving reviews, and spreading the word about small businesses.

There are many benefits to shopping through small businesses instead of large ones, not only for the business owner but for the customer as well. Fewer employees and customer traffic allow for a better more personalized service and unique products.

EcoElectronix is a small business owner who operates through selling electric staplers and other office supplies with a lifetime warranty. Since the company is family-owned and operated they care about the customer’s needs as stated by Seth Allen, owner of EcoElectronix.

“We are a small family-owned business and we truly care about our customers’ needs. If someone is not satisfied with their purchase, we will do everything we can to make it right. We also include a lifetime warranty with all purchases, which is something you won’t find at large businesses.”

Seth added, “At EcoElectronix we also care about the environment, which is why we made our EX-25 electric staplers with impact-resistant ABS material and sustainable environment-friendly manufacturing practices. In addition, we donate a portion of sales to environmental charities including, Rainforest Alliance and Earthjustice, because a better world benefits everyone.”

An EcoElectronix customer stated in an review that he loves using the EX-25 electric stapler in his small businesses and supporting other small businesses too. “Best stapler! Our clerks (we are a pharmacy) and I love it! It actually speeds up each transaction and provides more time to communicate with customers, answer questions, etc. The coolest feature is that you can actually set the depth of the staple, it is really easy. I’m a small business, and buy from other small businesses as much as possible.”

To find out more about EcoElectronix or view their selection of office and desk supplies readers can visit


For more information about EcoElectronix, contact the company here:

Christina Abels

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PracticeBloom Urges Chiropractors To Start The New Year With An Improved Chiropractic Marketing Strategy

January 11, 2019 – – PracticeBloom, a digital marketing business based in Clifton, NJ, has announced that they are urging chiropractors to start the new year by enhancing their chiropractic marketing strategy. With the company’s ProfitEngines program, that takes advantage of the benefits of funnel marketing and retargeting, it is able to provide a steady stream of new leads and conversions. This program makes use of social media to drive traffic to the chiropractic practice’s landing page.

PracticeBloom owner Matt Coffy explains, “We don’t believe in simply using social media to post updates, for instance, on Facebook a number of times a week. We know from experience that social media is an important component of funnel marketing. Thus, the chiropractic marketing strategy that we employ starts with an offer, which is presented as an ad on Instagram, Facebook, Google Adwords and other social media sites. These ads will then drive targeted traffic to the chiropractic landing page and provide new leads for the chiropractor.”

After the generation of new leads, and some have converted and become patients who have booked an appointment with the chiropractor, it is time for the automated nurture system of the ProfitEngines program to come into play. This takes care of the those leads who have not yet booked an appointment. Different kinds of messages, ranging from personal messages from the chiropractor, critical information about the chiropractic practice, testimonials from patients, and others are sent via email or text messages. These are designed to address those concerns that usually prevent people from making a decision to book an appointment with the chiropractor.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that the ProfitEngines program is not just for chiropractors but, in general, it can be used by all kinds of medical doctors because the principles would be the same. More information on how PracticeBloom can help boost the marketing strategy of doctors can be gleaned by visiting the company’s Facebook page at

In conjunction with the automated nurturing system, the PracticeBloom strategy makes use of retargeting. This is an important concept in marketing that tends to reduce the cost of marketing. This is because industry studies have shown that those who are retargeted are 70 percent more likely to become new patients compared to those who are only exposed to one ad. Furthermore, retargeting ads are less expensive than regular ads.

Through the insertion of tracking scripts into the code of the landing pages of the chiropractor website, the people who have visited the website but have not yet made an appointment can be tracked. This will be the list of people who will be retargeted with new ads the next time the visit Facebook, Instagram, and other sites.

And the final key element of the PracticeBloom marketing strategy for chiropractic practices is reputation management. All of the previous efforts would only be wasted if the chiropractor does not have an excellent reputation. This is because 90 percent of potential new patients, according to industry surveys, will not book an appointment before they have assured themselves that the chiropractor, or medical practitioner, has a good reputation. What they usually do is look for reviews about the practitioner and make a decision from there. If there are negative reviews, people will not likely book an appointment.

The solution is to integrate reputation management into the ProfitEngines program. With online scheduling, this is easy because the program can simply contact those people who have just completed an appointment with the chiropractor and ask for feedback. If the feedback is negative, it is sent to the chiropractor to prevent it from circulating on the Internet and also to allow the chiropractor to talk with the patient and possibly convert the feedback into a positive one. For positive feedback, patients are requested to post them in the chiropractor’s preferred review platform.

PracticeBloom has served for more than 10 years in the digital marketing industry. In that span of time, they were able come up with a holistic approach to chiropractic marketing, which they called the ProfitEngines program. This program was designed to consistently provide new-patient leads, nurture them until they finally make an online appointment with the chiropractor, and then provide a report on the resulting cost-per-lead and cost-per-appointment so that the chiropractor knows how effective is the marketing strategy.

Those who need more info about the ProfitEngines program of PracticeBloom or other services can visit their company website or their Twitter page at


For more information about PracticeBloom, contact the company here:

Matt Coffy
+1 973-947-4500
45 E Madison Ave,
NJ 07011,

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