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Backyard Gardening Combinations Companion Planting Tomatoes Guide Launched

The Institute of Ecolonomics, a non-profit entity offering a variety of resources on ecologically-sustainable entrepreneurship, announced a short guide for gardeners looking for accessible companion planting ideas. The guide offers suggestions for growing tomatoes, potatoes and cabbage with various companion plants.

BERTHOUD, United States – July 17, 2017 /PressCable/

The Institute of Ecolonomics, a non-profit organization dedicated to ecological entrepreneurship solutions, launched a short guide on five plant combinations that can be grown together. The guide aims to help gardeners improve their crops, prevent pests, keep a healthy soil and reap a variety of additional benefits.

More information can be found at http://ecolonomics.org/5-plants-combinations-you-should-grow-together.

Gardening is becoming an increasingly popular hobby for many residents in both urban and rural areas. While backyard gardening has always enjoyed considerable popularity in many areas, urban residents are becoming more and more interested in growing their own foods in rented or collective gardens.

The Institute of Ecolonomics is a non-profit entity striving to promote a symbiotic relationship between ecology and entrepreneurship, providing a variety of sustainable agricultural solutions for anyone interested in developing an eco-business.

Through its official website, the institute offers a wide range of information on sustainable gardening, alternative energy sources, off-the-grid living, natural pest control other related topics. All articles, guides and reports can be found at http://ecolonomics.org/blog.

To help garden owners improve their crops and develop a productive garden, The Institute of Ecolonomics launched a short guide on five planting combinations that offer a variety of advantages.

Companion plants grow together better than the average crops, making them ideal for backyard gardening. The new guide offers five gardening suggestions for anyone interested in sustainable companion planting.

According to the new guide, tomatoes grow well with chives and basil. Chives offers a pleasant backdrop to tomatoes, while basil grows lower and enhances their flavor. Tomatoes can also be used with chives or basil in a wide range of recipes.

Garlic and mint can be used as effective pest repellents, their strong smells keeping away flies and other insects from other valuable crops.

Suggestions for growing lettuce, cabbage, potatoes and beetroots are also provided.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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