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Beard Friendly Explains How to Grow Beards Like Those Featured On Game Of Thrones

April 17, 2015 – – Beard Friendly, an Atlanta based supplier of beard grooming products, has announced their latest blog update, which includes a list of favorite beards that have been featured on the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones. The list has been inspired just in time for the beginning of the latest season, which aired recently. Despite the post taking inspiration from season 5, the characters featured in the blog consist of men who were seen throughout the series, including those who were only witnessed briefly. The characters from this program are all based on those found in the best-selling books written by George R.R. Martin, whose books are enjoyed worldwide.

This latest blog update by the team at Beard Friendly not only represents beards throughout the different seasons of the show, but also supplies readers with tips and tricks on how to achieve these same looks and how to maintain their own beards. For a look at the list of Favorite Beards from Game of Thrones, beard lovers and fans of the show are encouraged to visit the blog at http://beardblog.net/.

Beards mentioned throughout the update include those of Ned Stark, Hodor, and Jon Snow, with advice ranging from beard combs and oil, to humorous suggestions of combing blood from character’s beards in order to maintain their look. There are fourteen men in total mentioned throughout the post, some of which are recognizable main characters, while some have smaller roles, and others have long been deceased on the show.

The Favorite Beards from Game of Thrones article is accompanied by photographs of individual characters; each portrayed in a scene throughout the series. The dialogue tends to lean toward the humorous side, giving advice in theme with the traits of each man mentioned. This lends an entertaining factor to the information being read, and inspires further investigation into other material covered by the blog.

Fans of the show, and of beards in general, are encouraged to comment below the post, weigh in on which beard advice is their favorite, and mention any forgotten characters that the Beard Friendly team left out. They also suggest that readers check out another program called, Vikings, and the many bearded characters associated with that program as well.

This Game of Thrones inspired update is not the first entry in the beard blog, with a variety of selections to choose from throughout the archived work, beard enthusiasts are offered a chance to read on any number of facial hair related subjects. Fans of the beard blog can share favorite posts through social media accounts, including those associated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Subjects of other posts fall under categories such as Grooming, Pop Culture, Rocker, Standard, Tips and Tricks, Health, History, a Glossary, and more.

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