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Big Hammer Wines Announces Online Wine Education Classes Near Me

December 12, 2018 – – Big Hammer Wines, based in Santa Barbara, CA, is happy to announce that they are offering online wine education classes and wine events for wine aficionados and novices alike. BHW partners with wine experts from all over the world to provide expertise and educational information to help their clients make decisions on wines for classes and events.

When approached about this announcement, the founder of Big Hammer Wines, had this comment to share, “Wine is a great tool for creating a central bond among participants or attendees. Whether you are planning a social event or a seminar, finding the right wine can be a chore. We aim to help our clients in picking a wine or even simply becoming more educated in the wine industry, in order to make a decision on their own. We are happy to help in any way we can.”

In addition to online education classes and wine coordinating for events, Big Hammer Wines also includes a wine shop on their website. They go through a rigorous tasting and testing process before including a new wine in their wine shop, so customers can be assured that will only be offered wines that have been enjoyed by customers and employees equally. For events or educational seminars, a wine expert will be able to suggest the best wines that pair with an event or menu.

Tracy S., a newlywed, sought the assistance of Big Hammer Wines for picking wines for her wedding and reception. She shared this review afterward, “Big Hammer Wines was recommended by a friend based on the ability to order in bulk. But, I saw that they offered other services as well, like a wine consultation. I spoke with a wine consultant that specialized in wedding events and she was able to recommend every type of wine I would need to complement the meal courses and appetizers. She even helped me pick a toasting champagne that wouldn’t cost me a fortune. Thanks Big Hammer Wines!”

Based out of Santa Barbara, California, Big Hammer Wines is glad to feature many wines from local vineyards. The fertile land is well-known for being ideal for growing grapes and aging wines. Some of the most popular wineries in Santa Barbara include Brander, Alma Rose, and Bridlewood. Wine lovers who want a unique wine-tasting experience are encouraged to learn more.

Tiffany Silverman decided to try Big Hammer Wines to replenish her stock, rather than heading to the liquor store near her home. This was the experience she was glad to share, “Initially, I was hesitant because I usually like to ask a lot of questions, in person. Thankfully, I ended up speaking with someone and they were able to make recommendations based on my preferred flavor profile. I ended up loving every recommendation. The best part, now, is that they always have deals on wine. Last week, I got a 65 dollar bottle of red wine for 25 bucks. I would have never gotten that at my local liquor store. Plus, the bottles come well packaged and look brand new, rather than the dusty ones I usually end up. I would recommend Big Hammer Wines to any of my friends.”

Big Hammer Wines is also proud to offer wine clubs for their customers that want to experience the life of a wine enthusiast. For the Real Wine Club, members receive six to twelve bottles of win every month or every other month, depending on their preferences. Members can also choose the variety, requesting only reds, some whites, or equal distribution. With the Hobson’s Choice Wine Club, members will receive 12 bottles of discontinued, end of vintage, and bin end bottles of wine. These can include a variety of red, pink, sweet, white, or even sparkling wines.

Alex Kinser participated in the Hobson’s Choice Wine Club as a one-time purchase rather than a subscription. This was his review of the selection, “Honestly, it was a wide selection and my wife loved it. Though I had only planned to buy it one time, I think I’ll join the monthly subscription for it. It was well worth it, in my opinion.”


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