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Bitsdaq Exchange lists several new projects and suspends the Medilot IEO

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / July 12, 2019 / Bitsdaq, AsiaGlobal’s cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that they are listing multiple new projects on their platform. Concurrently, the team also announced that IEO (Medilot) is suspended temporarily due to a longer than expected fund raising period required. However, Bitsdaq has decided to continue negotiations with the numerous projects that have applied to have an IEO and list on the platform.

Recently, ELAC, XMCT, Cloudbric (CLB), FNB and other projects have excelled in Bitsdaq’s thorough review in several aspects, including community development, technical capability, project innovation and were listed on Bitsdaq. The newly listed projects were well-received by supporters. In addition, due to a longer than expected fundraising period required for Medilot, Bitsdaq will suspend the Medilot IEO listing and replace it with another project for the IEO listing. The specific details will be announced soon on the official website.

Ricky Ng, founder and CEO of Bitsdaq, stressed that Bitsdaq’s insistence of listing only high-quality projects is essential to safeguarding investors’ interest. For the exchange, the team’s goal is to be very competitive in the cryptocurrency ecosystem which was demonstrated in the most recent additions. Ricky explains, “We are committed to presenting globally diverse and strong projects on our platform. All projects are professionally vetted and thoroughly selected before presented to our users. We aim to promote the development of the blockchain space by allowing investors to have access to a trusted, reliable exchange through our careful vetting process and excellent team.”

It is understood that Bitsdaq will examine whether the project has its large number of community supporters and if the listing can expand the choice and size of investors’ investment. Bitsdaq’s financial products experts and technical security experts will also examine whether the project team has a strong technical background, and capabilities and experience in innovation and research, underlying technology development, project management and other aspects of professional skills. In addition, Bitsdaq team will also focus on verifying if the project can quickly promote the acquisition of users and innovation of application model during the screening process.

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Bitsdaq is a secure, reliable and advanced digital asset platform operating in Asia and built on cutting edge trading technology. The company provides opportunities and solutions for customers who want access to a broader selection of digital assets on a secure and reliable platform.


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