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Blair Witkowski, Founder of Coastal Marketing Strategies, Acquires Blower Doors & Ducts Website to Improve Its Online Presence and Services

The acquisition of Blower Doors & Ducts represents more than just a business transaction for Blair. It’s a strategic move fueled by the recognition of the website’s potential and the opportunity to make a lasting impact in the energy efficiency testing sector.

Bozeman, Montana, United States – November 29, 2023

In the highly competitive online business environment, remaining at the top of the search results and easily discoverable can be challenging for small businesses. Running a business and a website are two separate things. For example, a home service company can have qualified technicians and competitive pricing. Still, it can lack online marketing or SEO techniques to beat the online competition. Blair Witkowski, the founder of Coastal Marketing Strategies and an SEO expert, understands what it takes to make a business stand out from the online competition. In a strategic move, he recently acquired the Blower Doors & Ducts website to improve its online visibility and services. 

Blair’s acquisition of Blower Doors & Ducts signifies a deeper significance beyond a mere commercial transaction. This is a calculated measure motivated by the acknowledgment of the website’s capacity to generate significant influence within the home energy industry. 

Blair, with his experience in web development and SEO, made some critical changes to the website. In addition to redesigning its appearance, the objective was to develop a platform that provides greater value to its consumers. A noteworthy inclusion is the incorporation of a home energy magazine, which provides valuable information to help visitors make informed decisions when searching for blower door testing professionals and air duct services. Today, the revamped website is an informative resource for homeowners and businesses looking to improve their energy efficiency. For instance, one can find expert advice on how much does a blower door cost? Or other relevant articles for assessing a home’s energy efficiency.

With his knowledge and expertise in SEO for spray foam installers and home energy testing companies, he integrated AI. He used WordPress, web design, keyword research, and local marketing to rank Blower Doors & Ducts on the first page of the Google search. These changes helped the website to gain trust and recognition among consumers. Blair’s commitment extends beyond business to sustainability. The implementation of initiatives on the website and in his strategies demonstrates a commitment to advancing environmentally sustainable practices in the industry. In addition, he is also ready to help similar businesses looking to implement proven SEO and digital marketing strategies to improve their online presence and search rankings. 

About Us: Blair Witkowski is an SEO expert and digital marketer who has been helping businesses achieve online success since 2009. Following an extensive period of refining his abilities as an internal web designer and optimizer, he established Coastal Marketing Strategies with an unwavering objective: to enable businesses and professionals to harness the complete potential of the internet. The recent acquisition of the Blower Doors & Ducts website adds another feather to Blair’s cap. Blair’s vision extends beyond mere profitability; it’s about sustainability, innovation, and setting a new standard for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital age.

Contact Info:
Name: Blair Witkowski
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Organization: Coastal Marketing Strategies
Phone: +1 843 473 3680
Website: https://blowerdoorsandducts.com/

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coastalmarketingstrategies

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