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BPA Quality Launches Redesigned Website


Garden City, NY, USA, 11/03/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Garden City, New York – BPA International, Inc., dba BPA Quality, launched an updated version of BPAQuality.com, a website devoted to detailing our unique approach, products and solutions to global call centers and how BPA’s values and results have been delivered in partnership with valued clients on November 2, 2016.

The newly redesigned website of BPA Quality went live on November 2, 2016. The new website is more dynamic and responsive to what is important to Call Center Quality Assurance. “The new site details our approach, products and solutions, together with our values and the results we can deliver to our valued clients and partners,” David Blackwell, BPA Quality’s President, announced earlier this week.

“The look and feel of our redesigned site reflects our branding and focuses on the real value we offer through the expertise of BPA Quality employees,” David also shared.  BPAQuality.com will continue to evolve as we grow as a business.

BPAQuality.com now provides more detailed information on how their clients have enjoyed increases in customer satisfaction, experience, NPS / quality scores and decreases in the cost of service. Visitors are able to access the newly developed resource center that includes expert articles on contact center quality, case studies from BPA’s valued clients and whitepapers specifically designed for the call center industry. Also, visitors are able to access BPA Quality videos that introduces BPA’s employees and strategies for managed quality solutions (Remote Call Monitoring, Benchmarking, Mystery Calling, Training, Consultancy, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Speech Analytics and Social Media Monitoring).

The updated version of BPAQuality.com  illustrates how taking a scientific and a “Human Element” approach to quality can enhance the customer experience across multi-channel interactions and to build brand trust and creditability.  

Note:  Access BPA Quality’s new site at www.BPAQuality.com. Or Find highlights about BPA Quality at BPA Quality’s Blog.


BPA Quality offers solutions that have been delivering proven results for global call centers and helping companies enhance their customer experience for more than 25 years.

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