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Business Mentor Brian Mark Launches 10k Coaching Academy – Helping Clients Thrive

Former fitness trainer turned business coach, Brian Mark's new 10k coaching academy is taking the market by storm

BRITISH COLOMBIA, CANADA / ACCESSWIRE / June 1, 2020 / With the covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on both the world and the economy, businesses have been struggling more than ever. This is where Brian Mark has made his mark, launching his new "10k Coaching Academy", which is aimed at online fitness coaches looking to grow their brand. With his background in the fitness and coaching industry, his expertise has already created an impact in the online fitness community.

Although only launched recently, the 10k coaching academy has already helped scores of online fitness trainers scale their businesses, helping them to thrive more than ever. Most likely the reason for their success is the way Mark personally nurtures his clients, to ensure they have access to his assistance for anything they need. "Having been in the online fitness coaching industry for a while, I could see so many guys struggling and knew I could help them grow their own businesses with the strategies I developed over the years" Mark said.

Giving in Nature, Mark has made his 10k Coaching Academy as affordable as possible. At just $300, he's opened the doors to many who may have otherwise struggled to have access to any kind of coaching, let alone world class. The 10k Coaching Academy is like none other currently on the market, and the community he has built through it is making waves in the online fitness world. The feedback from his clients has been overwhelmingly positive, with his greatest success story so far coming from Chad Morgan, one of his clients who hit $38.5k in just one month, his second month in the program. Product With his ""Change Lives, Make Money" podcast, Mark has been able to further his reach and give away a ton of value to his audience. Brian Mark's commitment to excellence is unmatched in the coaching industry, as he continues to deliver world class coaching at incredibly affordable prices, with his latest 10k Coaching Academy being a testament to that.

Contact Name: Brian Mark
Business Name: Brian Mark
Address: Kelowna, Brisitsh Colombia. Canada
Phone: 310 600 1787
Email: brianmark@teamaenation.com
Website: www.facebook.com/bmark22

SOURCE: 10k Coaching Academy

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