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Canadian Company Supports Remote Community In Nepal

October 01, 2015 – – Brio Merchandising Ltd., which is based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, has announced that they are supporting a remote community in Nepal. They are working with Mr. Kumal, a Nepalese manufacturer who employs workers from the community to supply wool dryer balls to Brio. This is part of the company’s commitment to promote the welfare of rural women and their children.

“We are so proud to be working together with Mr. Kumal,” says Charmeyn Martell Co-Founder of Brio Merchandising Ltd. “He is the only person brave enough to open up a factory in a rural area of Nepal, understanding that it would empower and promote uneducated women in that area, thereby also supporting their children.”

Mr. Kumal has completed an extensive piece of research that demonstrated levels of trafficking are very high in the rural areas of Nepal. Young girls are often never sent to school and end up marrying young to have children. These children, in turn, live in abject poverty and suffer from malnutrition. To stop this cycle, Mr. Kumal and his associates decided to open up factories in these rural areas. In so doing, Mr. Kumal is also supporting the Nepalese environment. The factory is providing work and investment in education, the Chitwan world heritage is being protected and the National Park and community forest are also supported.

Brio Merchandising is committed to promoting handmade wool products only. Because this process eliminates toxic chemicals, the environment is also protected. Mr. Kumal has thanked them for this commitment, and their commitment to the rural communities. “We are very much thankful to Brio Merchandising Ltd. Canada that you are working hand in hand with us to promote the welfare of rural women and their children here in Nepal,” says Mr. Kumal. “Thank you so much once again for your continuous support.”

Brio Merchandising is very proud of the product as well. Their wool dryer balls are individually handmade, organic, have no fillers and are 100% eco-friendly. They help reduce drying time, which means people save time and money. Additionally, it means they use less energy to dry their clothing, thereby further protecting the environment. The dryer balls have also been found to significantly reduce static cling and wrinkles.


Contact Brio Merchandising Ltd.:

Charmeyn Martell
PO BOX 41162 Winfield South PO
Lake Country, BC V4V1Z7

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