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CD BioGlyco Launches Custom Building Block Synthesis Service

– March 30, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

CD BioGlyco, a US-based biotech company, announced the launch of custom building block synthesis service recently. This service is capable of providing various synthetic methods to obtain building blocks with different groups or chemical compositions according to customers’ needs.

Over the last decades, many research teams have explored the synthesis of building blocks for pharmaceutical products and other bioactive substances. As an important intermediate of many drugs, building blocks are important for drug discovery and synthesis. Introducing some necessary groups into the building blocks can improve and alter the properties of drugs or compounds.

In the development of combinatorial carbohydrate libraries, glucosamine acid is an attractive component of the preparation of carbohydrate-based libraries, which are produced by binding amino acids to carbohydrate scaffolds. The generation of such building blocks allows engineering of carbohydrate binding sites into synthetic peptides, which may also affect the pharmacokinetic and dynamic properties of the peptides.

As an expert in the glycobiology-related field, CD BioGlyco designs different routines for the custom synthesis of building blocks according to its clients’ demands. The services CD BioGlyco can provide include but are not limited to:

Chemical method

CD BioGlyco can synthesize heterocyclic-containing building blocks, fluorine-containing building blocks, nitrogen-containing building blocks, and aromatic-containing building blocks by chemical routine.

Biological method

CD BioGlcyo synthesizes high optical purity building blocks through methods of biocatalytic preparations, which have become a commonly applied green technology.

“We have launched the custom building block synthesis service to help speed up the process of pharmaceutical products and other biologically active substances development; making it easier to integrate existing discovery to achieve very high yields.” Said Anna, the official speaker from CD BioGlyco, in the press release.

With numerous professional technicians and advanced experimental platforms, CD BioGlyco is surely to provide its custom building blocks synthesis with high quality. To ensure high purity, multiple techniques like LC-MS, NMR, and GC-MS are performed to analyze the compounds after synthesis.

More information about Custom Building Block Synthesis provided by CD BioGlyco can be viewed here: https://www.bioglyco.com/custom-building-block-synthesis.html.

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