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Company Producing Organic Wool Dryer Balls Celebrates One Year In Business

March 17, 2016 – – Brio Merchandising Ltd., a company based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, that produces organic wool dryer balls is proud to announce that they are celebrating their first year in business. In just one year, they have achieved many great successes. The company is most proud of the fact that they have been able to help women in Nepal with fair trade policies, empowering them to have a better way of life. Every Amazon purchase makes a real difference to the lives of these women.

Charmeyn Martell from Brio Merchandising Ltd. says: “It has been a fantastic year in which we have been able to achieve so much. We are so proud of everyone who has been involved in this journey, and who has stood by us. On to the next year.”

The contributions the company has made to bettering the health of their clients by educating them and offering them a healthier alternative to fabric softeners has not gone unnoticed. Dryer sheets contain at least seven toxic materials. While scientists have not yet been able to agree on all the dangers caused by these toxins, it is now clear that they may cause dementia. A simple action such as changing dryer sheets helps, therefore, not just to bring prosperity to impoverished communities, it helps people to protect their overall health.

After one year in business, the company also wants to extend their gratitude to their customers and their unwavering loyalty. It is thanks to them that the women in Nepal have been able to rebuild their lives, and every purchase that is made directly contributes to making the world a better place. Additionally, customers have been leaving various highly positive reviews. “These wool dryer balls are great,” says Lina K.P. on Amazon. “They do take static out of the cloths. I can turn the temp down to low and they still reduce the dry time. I was so happy with them I bought some as holiday gifts but couldn’t wait to until the holidays. Everyone I gave a set to has liked them. Saves lots of money on dryer sheets and anti static spray. The change purse is cute and very useful. Thanks to the company for including it.”

Brio Merchandising looks forward to many more years in business.


Contact Brio Merchandising Ltd.:

Charmeyn Martell
PO BOX 41162 Winfield South PO
Lake Country, BC V4V1Z7

ReleaseID: 60008705

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