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Core Office Furniture Ideas To Conduct Crowdfunding Using the Blockchain

Beginning April 1, 2016, COFINT will conduct a round of crowdfunding for a 30-day period in which cryptographic digital tokens created using the NXT asset exchange will be made available for purchase.

Darwin NT, Australia – February 29, 2016 /MarketersMedia/

Core Office Furniture Ideas Northern Territory Pty Ltd. (COFINT – ABN: 48 608 660 797 – http://cofint.com.au) today announces its plans to incorporate blockchain technology into its operations in exemplification of the role its founder and managing director, Vincent Pereira, believes the technology will play for businesses of the future.

“Because a globalized currency like Bitcoin and associated blockchain-based platforms enable the average person with a smartphone to make investments in businesses, companies will no longer be able to sustain their monopolies achieved via the limited investment potential created by centralized stock markets and stock listing platforms such as the FTSE, NYSE and the plethora of other investment houses,” said Pereira.

“Instead, blockchain technology will allow individuals to share in the wealth by owning a share by either investing in, or working on, the strengths of enterprises and companies which will survive or be destroyed on their merits and the values they represent.”

In early 2015 Pereira launched a token on the blockchain-based NXT asset exchange, initially BTCOR but now known as CORE, aimed at gathering like-minded individuals and pooling resources to promote the benefits of technology for the betterment of humanity. This eventually led to the creation of media, advertising and marketing website CORE Media whose services COFINT will exclusively use as needed.

Beginning April 1, 2016, COFINT will conduct a round of crowdfunding for a 30-day period in which cryptographic digital tokens created using the NXT asset exchange will be made available for purchase via cryptocurrency crowdfunding website nxtcrowd.fund.

Of 100,000 tokens to be created, 35,000 will be offered in exchange for cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin at a real-time rate of 1 AUD equivalent per token.
Discounts will be made available for owners of 10,000 or more CORE tokens (5%) and for large purchases (5,000 AUD – 5%, 10,000 AUD – 10%, 15,000 AUD – 15%).

Unsold tokens will be destroyed and, of the remaining unissued 65,000 tokens, 50,000 will be retained for future expansion and 15,000 will be allocated as Founder’s tokens to be held by Pereira and issued to others at his discretion as bonuses. Weekly interest payments derived from Pereira’s post-tax salary will be distributed to issued token holders in the form of Bitcoin at an anticipated monthly rate of 3-5%.

This initiative is not only about raising funds for business operations, but also about striving for a more holistic approach to business.

“In my mind, I feel that business and commerce should be mechanisms that enhance the societies they support. They were never designed to suck the wealth from the people they serve, but because of the greed and nature of the modern company, it is on a perpetual course to forever grow itself bigger to the detriment of mankind itself, which is supposed to be the actual beneficiary of the resources of Earth,” said Pereira.

To follow COFINT as it paves its own path towards the future of business, visit and bookmark the CORE Media website at http://coremedia.info/

All communications are to be directed toward the CORE Executive Board within the CORE Media Slack team at http://slack.coremedia.info/.

Vincent Pereira – HOUSE
Managing Director
Core Office Furniture Ideas Northern Territory Pty Ltd
ABN 48 608 660 797
Call us : 0423 605 003
Mail us : sales@cofint.com.au

For more information about us, please visit http://cofint.com.au

Contact Info:
Name: Vincent Pereira
Organization: COFINT

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