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COVID19 Back to School Program

Lets Families and Students Plan for a Safe Return

BUFFALO, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 19, 2020 / Mobile Primary Care (MPC) has launched a Back-to School Program to help ensure schools of all levels to reopen safely and remain protected throughout the school year. Back-to-School time, which is usually filled with excitement and anticipation, is marked by apprehension and hesitation for the upcoming school year. MPC's comprehensive Back-to-School Program aims to assist school administrators with developing a more comprehensive and inclusive reopening plan to alleviate concerns of students, parents/guardians, faculty and staff. In short, this program will provide on-site initial screening (MPC can provide thermo-scanners), medical assessments, if needed COVID 19 tests, collection of samples, fast laboratory turn around, continuous, daily follow-up and monitoring of symptoms and medical clearance prior to returning to school.

Mobile Primary Care has established themselves as an industry leader in Mobile Telemedicine, focused on delivering affordable, accessible and patient-centered care. MPC utilizes a proprietary telemedicine platform to improve access and delivery of COVID19 screening, testing and monitoring to all counties of Upstate New York. This reach allows schools, colleges and universities all over the state to access the benefits of Mobile Primary Cares' Back to School Program. This program will relieve the burden on schools to handle potential exposure risk to others and monitor symptomatic individuals from the safety of their residences. In addition, this program is set up to address possibly contain potential clusters or outbreaks in the community.

The Back-to-School program has been successfully implemented at the collegiate level. Mobile Primary Care provided medical oversight in screening, assessment and testing of over 460 incoming students over a two-day period at a College in Syracuse, NY while offering medical follow-up for those identified to have positive Covid19 screening or COVID19 exposure.

Brian Egan, CEO of Mobile Primary Care said, "Our physician led medical team has put together a complete COVID19 Back-to-School Medical program that incorporates state-of-the-art technology to help schools and employers combat the frustrations of bringing students and staff back to school, and once in school keeping them there throughout the school year. Not only does Mobile Primary Care partner with schools to provide screening, assessments and testing, we provide daily follow up of anyone with symptoms, to avoid a worsening conditions and hospitalizations. If symptomatic, our medical teams follow each student through the COVID19 virus or quarantined period. You have to see this program in its entirety, it's really so unique and complete. To my knowledge, there is no other program like this across the country."

About Mobile Primary Care

Mobile Primary Care is headquartered in Buffalo, NY and founded in 2007 with a goal of providing affordable, convenient, and readily accessible medical care. Mobile Primary Care currently employs 35 providers and as of 2019, served over 9,000 patients, with 40,000 patient visits in all counties of Upstate New York. MPC strives to improve access to healthcare that might not otherwise be available, reduce delays in care and improve continuity of care and provide follow-up support to keep people at home.


Mobile Primary Care
Juli Chikaraishi
[716-839-1010 ext. 234]

If you would like more information about the Back-to-School Program, please call (716) 893-1010 ext. 234 at Mobile Primary Care or email Juli Chikaraishi at BTSinfo@mobileprimary.com

SOURCE: Mobile Primary Care

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