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Craig Campbell Strongly Pushes for “Click-Through Manipulation” in SEO the SEO Community

Craig Campbell has been a strong proponent for the use of Click Through Manipulation (CTM), and in recent years it has been the topic of discussion on his blog, podcast, and as of late at the SEO Mastery Summit.

Glasgow, United Kingdom – January 12, 2021 / /

One of the many things that Craig Campbell discussed at the SEO Mastery Summit was Click-Through Manipulation. Click Through Manipulation is a technique that sounds more Blackhat than it is, but experts like Campbell think that many websites are losing out on lots of potential gains by not implementing it correctly. At the SEO Mastery Summit just a few weeks ago, Craig Campbell talked about how CTM can is used to increase everything from traffic to conversions. The topic has also been discussed on Campbell’s official website, where it has received a lot of attention from SEO experts across the world.

Click Through Manipulation or Click Through Rate manipulation has been the focus of online advertisers for many years. However, it is a comparatively new concept in the SEO world. Still, with gurus like Craig Campbell promoting it, many websites have begun using the techniques discussed by him on their websites with some dramatic results.

Increasing engagement is one reason why a website ranking on the no. 4 spot can get more traffic than one ranking no. 2 or even 1 on Google SERPs. The Headline and Description of the page need to be compelling, factual and invite the person to click. However, that’s just an overly simplified version of what needs to be done mainly because “compelling” may mean many things in many different industries and niches.

Readers can learn more about Craig Campbell’s Click Through Manipulation by visiting his official website https://www.craigcampbellseo.com

“Click-Through Manipulation is part SEO and part advertising,” said Craig Campbell, when we jumped on a scheduled Zoom call with him from our home office in New York City. “Testing has shown that one of the things that Google’s algorithm looks at and is a ranking factor is relevancy. If the algorithm sees that your website is receiving many more clicks than the competition, it (the algorithm) sees it as being more relevant than those, and that means you get promoted up a spot or even several spots.”

He added, “It is also advertising because you need to think about why people will click on your website out of nine others on first-page search results. So, you need to think like an advertiser too, and there is a great deal of testing involved to find what works best.”

About Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is a leading Glasgow based SEO consultant and an 18-year industry veteran. He recently published a free SEO course with over 150 modules covering everything from SEO to affiliate marketing. His YouTube channel serves as a relevant and fresh source of the latest SEO related information.

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