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Creative Biolabs Presents Industry-Acclaimed Live Biotherapeutics Drug Discovery Solutions

United States – August 31, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Next-generation probiotics (NGPs), or live biotherapeutic products (LBPs), are a novel and revolutionary class of drugs containing live microorganisms and have been applied in the prevention and treatment of human diseases. As tremendous progress has been made in microbiome sciences, mounting funds and resources are being invested in relevant research fields. Creative Biolabs, with deep-and-thorough knowledge and practical experience dealing with projects involving NGPs, has constructed a systemic workflow of live biotherapeutics drug discovery as promising treatments.

“Next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics platforms are part of the analytical strategies we adopt for LBP discovery,” said a scientist at Creative Biolabs LBP sector, “with which we can cover both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.”

Listed below are some of the NGP solutions Creative Biolabs offers:

Christensenella minuta as Next Generation Probiotics

Strong evidence has proven that Christensenella minuta works efficiently in obesity and gastrointestinal diseases, thus discovering the relationship between human genetics and intestinal microbiomes.

* Oxalobacter formigenes as Next Generation Probiotics

O. formigenes is currently a candid treatment route under development against primary hyperoxaluria (PH) disease.

* Clostridium spp. as Next Generation Probiotics

A sort of rod-shaped bacteria comprising over 100 diverse species characterized by gram-positive cell wall structure, fermentative anaerobic metabolism, and formation of endospores, which are conducive to the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic disease, and cancer.

For other miscellaneous living microorganisms, Creative Biolabs’ wholesome solution covers the entire lifecycle of LBP development.

* Microbial Isolation, Screening, and Identification

* Antibiotic Susceptibility/Resistance Test

* Carbohydrate Fermentative Profiles

* Small-Scale Production

* Microbial Purification

* In Vitro Tests of Immune System Modulation

* Biological Safety Test

“Our service can also take NGP-associated diseases as the base point,” added the scientist, “especially chronic inflammation-related issues, such as metabolic syndromes, cardiovascular disorders, and some cancers. The starter is similar—to isolate and identify the most potent microbial strains.”

Scientists at Creative Biolabs possess profound knowledge of live microorganisms to deal with LBP development and also pertain to LBP manufacturing capabilities that align with GMP standards.

More details about the services and the coverage of live biotherapeutics for drug discovery can be fetched at https://live-biotherapeutic.creative-biolabs.com/.


Creative Biolabs is a full-contract manufacturer that can assist with LBP drug discovery. With years of dedicated experience delving into microbiome science, a systematic service workflow has been established that is continuing to progress. Experienced scientists, well-allocated resources, and unrelenting pursuit of innovation are Creative Biolabs’ driving force behind their outstanding performance in diverse projects. This year, the company will participate in several exhibition events to showcase its capabilities in the pharmaceutical and life science areas.

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