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Customers Now Can Get The Best 6000 World TV Channels Through IPTV

IPTV Premium gives the best experience of streaming TV channels through the internet on your mobile phone, smart TV or PC. It is connected with individual customers, resellers, and Re- stream customers worldwide.

August 12, 2018 / /

LiveTVGlobal Corp is one of the best IPTV service providers in the world. With 500,000 satisfied customers, 12,000 reseller partners and 2,000 Re-streams worldwide, IPTV has carved a successful niche for itself in the digital network world. By joining the IPTV premium customer get the access to 6000 HD channels and 8000 VOD of 1080p. It is present in more than 38 countries of the world which makes it the most widely known company. If anyone has a doubt regarding its service quality then it also allows 48 hours or 2-day free trial for a customer to have a clear experience of the service before buying any of its package or plan. The customer only has to register or sign up for that.

IPTV Premium also partners with resellers having their own business. By being customers of them, people can enjoy high discount rate on commissions whereas if any reseller wants to start their business and develop their own system, IPTV helps them by providing its own API for developing a new program. The account of the IPTV reseller will get automatically credited with the payment and account will be updated.

The re-stream customers can also partner with BestBuyIPTV and can get the free trial for checking the quality of the channels. The IPTV premium allows the streaming through channels as well as VOD. There is no need to wait for the renewal of account, as it gets renewed automatically with the help of the automatic payment page.

The IPTV premium has the automated server system for the benefits of all. The customer can create their account themselves for trial and billing of the service while resellers can develop their own system with the help of BestBuyIPTV API. The re-stream customers can actually check the number of channels that they have subscribed to and are using. The IPTV premium has the reliable server with full stability and powerful 30 backups for servers. Therefore, the efficiency of the server is of world-class and customers need not worry about the stability and power of servers.

With its best IPTV services, the company has 500,000 personal customers while 12,000 resellers are connected to it. In the ever-changing internet world, the IPTV service is the booming sector, which has the highest potential for growth. With increasing internet penetration and expanding internet reach Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) could be a game changer. Be a part of the revolution by being a personal customer or start your own business by being a reseller partner. For more information on IPTV, its services and get a free trial visit the page livetvglobal.com.

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