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Deborah Tutnauer, LLC Featured in Colorado Newspaper

February 09, 2016 – – 	 Deborah Tutnauer, LLC

Deborah Tutnauer, LLC, a Colorado-based Business Coaching and Consulting Company, is excited to share a recent newspaper series highlighting entrepreneurship in Colorado Mountain towns. Deborah Tutnauer, MEd, MSW., Founder of the company was featured in part one of the series focused on entrepreneurs working as coaches and consultants with clients throughout the world, while living in a place chosen for lifestyle and beauty.

Ms. Tutnauer states, “I am honored to share with my readers an article from our local newspaper highlighting successful entrepreneurs living in our remote valley while making a living in the global economy. It is a blessing indeed to have created a niche for my expertise and passion that I can implement from virtually any geographic location. Living the Crested Butte lifestyle while helping small businesses in Colorado and throughout the World is my Joy!”

Ms. Tutnauer began her career thirty years ago in education and clinical social work. She relocated to the Colorado Mountains in 1995 and set up shop clinical social worker in private psychotherapy practice. Deborah taught herself to be a direct response internet marketer back in the early days of online marketing, and developed successful direct sales business while taking a break from mental health work while her daughter was young. Over time her work transitioned back to a focus on the people, combining her love of coaching and teaching with her expertise in authentic, joyful, results driven marketing.

Deborah believes that life should be lived in full alignment with one’s core values. She inspires her entrepreneur coaching clients to explore their passions, values and areas of expertise in order to craft a business framework that is financially sustainable and joyful. Her method is intense yet fulfilling, as small business owners are led to explore their challenges, their old stories and ultimately their marketing and branding presentation. Her goal is to move her clients from stuck and frustrated, to consistent forward movement and increased sustainable income.

“Many who benefit from my services feel as if they are bumping up against an invisible bubble. They know that something is in their way but they are challenged to discern what it is or how to shift,” Tutnauer says. “Together we create their business foundation and framework with clarity and authenticity. Until you are clear about who you are, you will continue to operate a business that is financially unsustainable and often a struggle.”

Deborah was thrilled to be chosen as one of only six local business people to be featured in the Crested Butte News three-part series. She is a strong proponent of entrepreneurship and suggests that the 21st Century economic paradigm will be based much more on individuals using their creativity to provide products and services that fulfill a niche, rather than the large corporate based model of decades past. She sees high value in being able to contribute to a local economy while impacting business owners throughout the world. Living a life designed to make a true difference for others is where many want to invest their energy, yet often become confused as to how. This is where Deborah feels she can most be of service.


Contact Deborah Tutnauer, LLC:

Deborah Tutnauer, MEd, MSW
(970) 209-7473
PO Box 1604
Crested Butte, CO 81224
United States

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