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Dr. Miinala Marketing Now Offers Brand Management

June 14, 2018 – –

From its headquarters in Mercer, PA, Dr. Miinala Marketing has set itself apart as one of the top full service creative digital marketing agencies in the region. The company is known for always offering the most technologically advanced and up-to-date online marketing services. They have now announced that their services now also include brand management.

Dr. Marjukka Miinala, owner and founder of the company, says: “The internet is a fantastic tool that has made it possible even for small companies to compete with the world’s biggest companies. However, this does require some skills and experience. It is not uncommon for small businesses to be able to achieve some growth by going online, only to then stagnate because they can’t find their reviews. This is all about having proper brand awareness, which is something I can assist with.”

The brand management services offered by Dr. Miinala Marketing include a number of important features. The first is search engine optimization, which ensures that a web page can be found on the first page of the results from major search engines when a keyword relevant to the business is used. The second is social media management and how to use that to attract more positive reviews, build a good reputation, and significantly increase brand awareness.

“What we offer is a full digital solution,” explains Dr. Miinala. “We have an industry leading reputation management platform available that addresses all of these issues. It will check your online listings on numerous top search engines and review websites. It will also find any reviews that have already been left with top sources and places them all into a single spot accessible through the dashboard. This makes it much easier to to monitor the marketing efforts for your business.”

The platform enables businesses to collect online mentions as well from a range of social media sites. The service also includes social reports, analytics, and information from competitors. Using this platform ensures that search engines can find the business, that they can increase overall customer engagement, and ultimately, that they can further grow their business by attracting new prospects and turning them into paying customers. People are encouraged to contact Dr. Miinala Marketing for further information.


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