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DX.Exchange Launches Smartphone Apps on iOS and Android

TALLINN, ESTONIA / ACCESSWIRE / February 28, 2019 / Coins Marketplace Technologies OÜ is excited to announce that the DX.Exchange app is now available to iPhone users in the Apple App Store, and Android users in the Google Play store.

With a single tap, users across the globe will now be able to trade digital stocks and cryptocurrencies on the EU-regulated DX.Exchange, straight from their smartphones. Like the DX.Exchange desktop version, the smartphone apps offer an array of cutting-edge features designed to ease and enhance the trading experience.

Trading Features

The app is quick to set up and easy to use. The interface is deliberately designed to be simple, vibrant and intuitive. Each section is clearly defined so that a trader only needs a short glance to understand what they are seeing.

At the same time, all the data necessary for making informed and successful investments is available on-screen. The app shows 24-hour trading volume for each asset, together with 24-hour highs and lows. CryptoCurrencies are displayed with their logos, and each digital stock with its company icon, alongside the current prices and percentage point changes over the previous 24 hours. The app offers all the same assets as the DX.Exchange desktop version.

To start trading, a user selects their chosen asset, and from there, they can place buy or sell orders quickly and easily. Limit orders and depth analysis of price fluctuations for each asset are also available within the app. Users can make deposits and withdrawals in both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Trade Digital Stocks on the Move

One of the standout features of DX.Exchange at the initial launch in January 2019 was the listing of digital stocks. A digital stock is a blockchain-based token backed 1:1 by real-world equity.

Owners of digital stock have all the same rights as shareholders, including the entitlement to receive dividend payments. However, in contrast to physical stocks, digital stocks are tradable instantly without needing to go through a broker. Users of the DX.Exchange smartphone app can now also enjoy the benefits of trading digital stocks in companies like Facebook, Tesla, Intel, Google, Amazon and many more.

Enhancing the Trading Experience

In addition to the core trading functionality, the DX.Exchange app offers many other features that help traders stay ahead of the curve. Like the desktop version, mobile users will have access to DX.TV, a video channel dedicated to providing up-to-the-minute news from the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets. Access to this kind of real-time information alongside a fast mobile exchange interface allows users to make in-the-moment trading decisions based on market behavior.

Users can also conduct background research on digital coins available on the DX.Exchange platform, right within the app. Each coin has its own information section containing a written description and an informational video. All the relevant stats about the coin are provided, including the current market price, 24-hour price change, supply, and start date. The white paper for each coin will also be accessible within this section.

The DX.Exchange customer support team is available 24/7 from the chat feature within the app. There is also a market sentiment section, continually updated with market trends and analytics. This section also includes predictions and market insights from top analysts of the cryptocurrency and stock markets.

Finally, the app offers access to account details, current portfolio value, wallets, personal details, app settings, and the DX.Exchange referral program. For security, users can also log out of the app when they aren’t using it.

A Significant Milestone

DX.Exchange is delighted to offer its customers all of these features from the simple interface of a smartphone app. Using only a smartphone and the DX.Exchange app, users can access their portfolio, make trades and gain market insights and information, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

The app release is a significant milestone in the development of DX.Exchange following the main launch in January. It brings the company a step closer to the vision of helping to create wealth for people all over the world no matter their social or economic situation.

About DX.Exchange

DX.Exchange is the first digital asset exchange offering the opportunity to trade in cryptocurrencies and digital stocks with cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

DX.Exchange holds operating licenses with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. License FVR000051 is for providing exchange services to exchange virtual currencies against fiat currencies. License number FRK000039 is for providing a virtual currency wallet service. With over 70 research and development engineers, the global team at DX.Exchange brings extensive experience in UI and financial technology.


Dan Edelstein

SOURCE: DX.Exchange

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