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Eating Disorder Esteem Lifting & Healthy Habit Forming Report Released

‘Pointing the finger of blame’ won’t prevent an eating disorder states the Prevention of Eating Disorders Report just released by InShape News, a health news hub promoting global wellness. Seeking to prevent, rather than cure eating disorders, this report is straightforward and pockets that finger.

Willaston, Australia – July 8, 2017 /PressCable/

Willaston-based InShape News, a down-to-earth fitness and health news hub, has released an eating disorder prevention and early detection report. Written by columnist Eleni Psillakis, an eating disorder educator who understands first-hand how physically and mentally debilitating an eating disorder can be, this report takes an in-depth look at how to prevent the development of an eating disorder. Based on understanding individual personalities, circumstances and how people deal with emotions and difficulties, the report looks at understanding risks and protective factors to determine effective strategies.

More information is available at https://inshapenewsflash.com/2017/06/22/prevention-of-eating-disorders.

Released on the June 22, the report notes that any eating disorder is preventable. But, if one does develop a disorder then there’s no need to feel guilt or blame as people are all individuals with unique personalities, and deal with life and circumstances very differently. Therefore, by addressing the variety of physical, emotional, social and family issues that arise, prevention is effective.

The report notes that there is primary and secondary prevention available – primary before a disorder develops and secondary after the habits begin. Low self-worth is a common trait of an eating disorder, where someone is not feeling good about themselves or good enough. To overcome this, self-love needs encouragement, and this stems from unconditional love.

Food and exercise attitudes, as well as discussing gender roles in society, and media influence are also areas that need addressing when confronting the onset of an eating disorder states the report. As is learning from failure and enjoying physical activity that is healthy. Lastly, the report shows that communication and education are both needed to form healthy beliefs and habits.

InShape News aims to promote global well-being via the delivery of thought-provoking and in-depth health and fitness news articles. This news site is both alternative and non-commercial, offering content freely to readers and raising awareness of often pressing health and fitness issues.

When asked about the report, a spokesperson for InShape News said, “This report, aimed at prevention rather than cure of an eating disorder, is straightforward. Plus, it helps readers – whether it’s someone who suspects they have an eating disorder or a friend or family member who suspects someone has an eating disorder – to understand that to fully recover from an eating disorder the finger of blame needs firm embedding in the pockets.”

To find out more about InShape News and their visit the link above.

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