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Automotive apps like Lyft and Uber have really revamped the daily commute for the average traveler. So, find out how can you make own car app like Uber and become a part of this revolution.

Pune , India – February 13, 2019 /MarketersMedia/

Car Automotive apps have made life so easier. You just have to download an app from Play Store and fill in the details. Once you are through with that, the app lets you choose the destination you want to travel to. And then it assigns you a personal driver along with a vehicle. You can customize the settings according to the own requirements and just like that, commute is made easier and more comfortable.

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Along with fulfilling the basic need for providing a vehicle at the customer’s service, car apps for iPhone and Android like Lyft and Uber also offer the facility to decide a time of travel and the type of vehicle. These automotive apps have taken the marketplace by storm and the surge in profits is evident. It has thus become an attractive area to invest in.

So what do you need to create own car apps like Lyft and Uber? This article will help you know how to do it:
Geolocation for Identification and Directions

The most basic requirement for starting a ride in connected car apps is determining the locations. The geolocation technology is used to find out:
where the traveler is,
the destination or the drop, and
directions for reaching the destination.

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For finding out the location of the traveler, automotive apps will prompt you to turn on the GPS of device so that you can be found by the driver. The destination of the travel and the location of the pickup can both be found out by utilizing Google Location APIs. Details of the same can be found here.

To show routes and directions inside the car apps are made possible by the Google Maps Android API.
Apart from using Google Maps for all these things you might want to buy a mapping technology for a long-term venture. This will help you aid in simplifying travel logistics and save ,pay to Google Maps.

Sending Notifications and Push Messages
After you book a ride, automotive repair apps like Lyft send you many notifications. This information is given throughout the journey, citing any cancellations, delay or arrivals. These can be provided in the form of simple push notifications or an SMS. For SMS services, you have to strike a deal with a network service provider. For providing push notifications in the iOS app, Apple Push Notifications Service is recommended and for the Android car apps, you can go for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).

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Easy and Multiple Payment Options
Uber and Lyft provide multiple options for payments. This gives the customer a freedom to choose from a variety of options such as:
Debit/Credit card of multiple banks,
Internal Credit System/e-Wallet.

Cash payment method being conventional, automotive apps for mobile like Lyft also provide the option of payment from Credit and Debit cards by redirecting towards the bank sites for the final deductions. In e-Wallets too, the money is directly deducted from the customer’s wallet app. You have to tie up with a payment system/s to include this option in app.

Create Own ‘Uber’
It may sound easy on paper, but the implementation of automotive apps like Lyft or Uber requires expertise in the following domains:
Backend development,
API Integrations, and

Therefore to make car app a hit, it is wise to invest in an expert Android and iOS automotive app development company which can handle all domains with efficiency.
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