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Flaskdata.io – The Israeli Tech Startup Shaking Up Clinical Trial Monitoring Opens Office in Basel for Marketing to US and Europe Biotech Companies

November 24, 2019 – – The Flaskdata.io patient compliance automation platform is expanding its distribution footprint to to innovative biotech and medical device sponsors in Europe and North America.

Danny Lieberman, founder and CEO of Flaskdata.io, announced today the opening of an international sales and business development office in Basel Switzerland led by Dr. Tigran Arzumanov. Tigran spearheads Flaskdata rapid expansion into Europe and North America. He has a PhD in biotechnology and brings a unique and successful combination of scientific and business strengths. Tigran has over 15 years of experience in clinical research, e-Clinical software and services and worked formerly at Datatrak and Clinerion.

Typically, it takes 1-5 weeks for study monitors to log deviations. Flaskdata specializes in real-time patient compliance automation and prevention of protocol deviations in clinical trials and reduces data cycles to minutes.

Flaskdata provides automated detection and response to protocol adherence issues. This has significant implications in terms of the study timelines and budget – by catching issues early and allowing for immediate corrective action, the sponsor and CRO keep the study on track and minimize DM queries. The Flaskdata platform provides an immediate picture of compliance posture of a study at any level of granularity of time, subject or site.

The Flaskdata cloud platform enables sponsors to collect data from patients, investigators and any connected device.

“FlaskData is a novel and important tool for reinforcing patient adherence in clinical trials,” said Gabriel Beridze, CEO of Prometheus Bio-medical CRO, Tbilisi, Georgia. “We’re delighted to see the Flaskdata team have the opportunity to develop and distribute their technology in the EU.”

The Flaskdata.io platform currently supports studies at over 350 investigational sites in Europe, United States and Israel. Flaskdata.io works with life science sponsors and CROs to design, implement and operate patient-centric clinical trials. The Flaskdata.io platform integrates continuous data feeds from patients, investigators and connected devices with automated detection and response to protocol violations in real-time. Additionally, the Flaskdata.io ‘Powered by Flask’ program is providing digital therapeutics, digital health and medtech developers with free and open access to the Flask API and reduces their time to market for HIPAA and GDPR-compliant patient management solutions.

For more information about Patient Compliance Automation, visit https://flaskdata.io.


For more information about Flaskdata.io, contact the company here:

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