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Free Legal Consultations For Recent 2016 Auto Accident Victims In Orange County California

During the Holidays many individuals may find themselves without professional legal help after a motor vehicle collision. A free Initial legal Consultation with an Orange County California Auto Accident Law Firm can bring some needed help in the 2016 New Year.

Anaheim, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Orange, Fullerton, Orange County California, United States – December 30, 2015 /MarketersMedia/

2016 is here and with the many Holiday and New Year motor vehicle collision accidents that may occur this month on the roadways, highways and freeways within Orange County California. It’s best to know the new laws and regulations of 2016 in regards to personal injuries involved accidents by contacting an Orange County Law Firm offering no-obligation free legal consultations to victims of auto accidents.

Statistics from the insurance industry show that over a lifetime of driving experience, every driver will be involved in about four auto accidents. This includes everything from a minor “fender-bender” to an auto accident causing serious property damage, injury, and fatalities.

The longer a person goes without an accident, the more likely one is to occur. Because of this, it is a good thing to know what to do in a car accident. Always wearing a seat belt and taking a defensive driving course are good ideas. This can save a person’s life. For anaheim residents checkout: Injury Attorney Help for Motor Vehicle Accident Victims in Anaheim California here –

There are essentially four types of auto accidents, which are:
1. Car accident no police called
2. Car accident without police report
3. Car accident with police report
4.Car accident with police report that includes serious property damage, injury, or death.

The first and second category are minor accidents, like bumping into another car in a parking lot. They usually settle amicably between the parties, through a simple insurance claim or by the at-fault party paying to repair any damage. The need to engage a car accident lawyer only comes up when the at-fault party refuses to pay for the damages or an injury occurred. Contacting a law firm is very helpful if there is difficulty with an insurance claim and possible vehicle accident injury lawsuit.

The third category – The police report documents the accident and shows which driver(s) is at-fault. If more than one driver is at-fault, the police assign a percentage of the fault to each of the drivers, according to an assessment of the contributing factors of each driver in causing the accident. For this type of accident, it is usually a good idea to consult with a car accident law firm in Orange County California.

The fourth category – This requires assistance from a qualified auto accident attorney who is skilled in handling car accident claims. If there is any personal injury caused by the accident, consulting with a personal injury law firm helps an individual understand and manage the process of what happens after a recent car accident in Orange County California. More information on Personal Injury Law here: http://blawger.net/personal-injury

It is important to select a law firm with a team of professional personal injury attorneys highly experienced in auto accident injury cases. The first step is to do some research to make a list of potential candidates. Ask friends, family and business associates, for a recommendation. A search on the Internet provides plenty of choices.

Once the list is made of potential candidates, then investigate their experience (years of practicing law). Next, check with the State Bar of California to make sure the attorney has “active” status and note any disciplinary or administrative actions. Finally, make an appointment for an in-person initial consultation.

The initial consultation should always be free. Make sure to bring along a copy (always keep the originals) of any police reports, citations, arrest records, toxicology reports, witness statements, photos, any other evidence, medical information and bills.

The objective of this meeting is to determine the “merits” of the case and whether the attorney thinks there is a likelihood of getting a settlement. Besides discussing the case, get a feel for the personality of the attorney and legal style. The better an individual feels around the attorneys who will take the injury case claim to court can help the overall direction and positive outcome for those involved.

There are certain important questions to ask the attorney, which include:
1. Does he or she have trial skills and – What is the their record.
2. Does the law firm have malpractice insurance.
3. What specific attorney(s) will handle the case.
4. What is the legal fee agreement.
After interviewing the potential candidates, select the best-qualified attorney.

For those who have recently been injured in an Orange County California motor vehicle accident, now is the perfect time to get a free consultation from the experienced California car accident Law Firm. Free Legal Consultations – Auto Accident Lawyer Orange County California 1-(714)-265-7526 – Carefully selecting a motor vehicle accident injury law firm is very important because their competence and skills strongly influence the outcome of a personal injury claim case.

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