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Global Business Network Ltd Launches New Strategic Partnership & Referral Program

August 31, 2015 – – Global Business Network Ltd, a consulting company operating across a range of companies around the world, has launched a new Strategic Partnership & Referral program. This program will allow clients to earn 15% commission for every referral they make. Additionally, they will earn 15% ongoing commission on all revenues collected.

Monika Bastyte-Gile, company director at Global Business Network Ltd, says: “Our referral program is valid for all the services our company provides. These include all our locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.”

The consulting company specializes in a range of services. These includes business growth consulting, search engine optimization (SEO), advertising management, social media management (SMM), social media organizations (SMO), website design, and app design. Because so many services are included in the referral program, the potential to make significant commissions is high. In fact, it may allow some people to earn a significant recurring income without having to do any work.

While the services offered by Global Business Network, as shown, are very vast, the goal is to provide all in one business growth solutions. These solutions enable them to find new and innovative ways of business growth and to find out whether everybody in the company is moving in the same direction. Monika Bastyte-Gile adds, “We help businesses that have an idea but don’t know how to commercialize it. We make sure the business as a whole moves in the right direction and we help local stores become a thriving, global, online business.”

Meanwhile, the company has also quickly built a reputation as the one to go to when looking for the best SEO company. They land new clients on an almost daily basis. Therefore, their commission based referral program has the potential to be quite attractive for others who are also involved in the world of SEO, or even those who simply have excellent marketing techniques. As a commission is earned for every referral, the potential for earnings is substantial. Even if a client does not stay with the company permanently, a referrer will still be able to earn some commission for the original contact that was made.


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