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Golf Gear Geeks Covers Aerodynamics and Science of Golf Products w/ New Article

The new article published by GolfGearGeeks.com covers the aerodynamics of golf balls and drivers and how science impacts the final designs of golf products

Golf Gear Geeks Covers Aerodynamics and Science of Golf Products w/ New Article

Seattle, WA – September 8, 2017 /MarketersMedia/

Golf dates back to 15th century Scotland but began to be played in America in the 1890s. Today, the U.S. is the largest market for this sport in the entire world, home to approximately half the players and courses. Golf adds an estimated $70 billion to the economy of the U.S. each year.

With players constantly trying to improve their game, countless resources and informational guides have been released about the sport, as well as products for the game. In an effort to provide this information, Golf Gear Geeks has published a new Golf Science article.

“Our newly released article explores the aerodynamics of golf balls and golf drivers, as well as how science plays a part in the final designs of products that are released by golf manufacturers,” stated company representative Luke Rasmus. “Any player that is trying to increase their range and ability can benefit from the information published in our article.”

Since the 1990s the rules of the game have become more complex, making it more difficult to play and master. Rougher courses are designed and used to put both players and equipment to the test. The growing difficulty of the sport and the now 200-page rulebook make it extremely difficult – especially for new players to the game.

“Our goal is to help all players, regardless of if they are new to golf or have been playing for years,” continued Rasmus. “Our newest article is focused on how to utilize the tools and equipment available to improve your game and help you master this complicated sport.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the science behind golf and the impact it has on the game can visit the Golf Gear Geeks website, or find a link to the article on their Facebook page.


Golf Gear Geeks is a website that is dedicated to everything golf related. It focuses on helping those who play the game become masters of the sport. The site is regularly reviewing new golf products and offering insight into the game itself. With the sport becoming more and more complex with each passing year, it is imperative to have the information necessary to know what works and what doesn’t when on the green. The website is regularly updated with new information as it becomes available to keep golfers informed of new equipment and new techniques.

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