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Holiday Travel Leads to an Increase in Speeding Tickets Across the Country

Avoid Radar warns drivers to practice safe driving and protect themselves with radar detection while traveling this summer.

VARASE, Italy – July 14, 2019 /MarketersMedia/

During the summer, holiday travel greatly increases, leading to the risks of speeding tickets. As drivers are focused on arriving at their destinations, they can sometimes break speeding laws and find themselves with a ticket. A traffic infraction can be expensive to pay. Avoid Radar recently warned drivers to slow down and practice driving safely to avoid getting a speeding ticket. Although the company provides reviews and information on radar detectors, they warn drivers speeding is not advisable. Saiqa Zahid, the owner of the company, recently spoke on the subject.

“Going on holiday is exciting for most people and we all get caught up in the excitement and sometimes go over the speed limit. A speeding ticket or other infraction can ruin the joy of a holiday experience. Slowing down is essential. Keeping your mind on the road and other drivers will allow you to arrive at your destination safely. While radar detectors are beneficial in helping drivers avoid tickets, they should never replace safe driving”

Radar detectors are still considered somewhat of an enigma with drivers, even though they have been around since 1968. Many drivers wonder what does laser mean on a radar detector. A laser alert shows up when an officer has aimed a LIDAR gun at a driver. When a driver receives this warning, it is likely too late for them to correct their speed because it has already been recorded. Drivers also often wonder what does ka mean on a radar detector. Saiqa Zahid is happy to explain this radar detector component.

“There are different frequency bands on radar detectors and ka is one of them. KA bands operate between 33.4 and 36.0ghz. Police use different types of radar guns to detect the speed of drivers. The most advanced radar detectors can detect different bands and frequencies. I developed Avoid Radar to help drivers better understand radar detectors and how they work. It is important to practice a safe driving speed, but we all make mistakes and radar detectors can protect us.”

Websites like Avoid Radar provide consumer information that can answer questions people have about these devices. Saiqa Zahid says the website has seen increased traffic over the last few weeks, as people are planning to get away for a summer holiday. Using radar detectors is not illegal in most countries. Even with a radar detector in place, drivers should always be cautious and follow the rules of the road when traveling.

About Avoid Radar:

Avoid Radar is a website that was founded to help drivers learn about the best radar detector products on the market. They understand making an informed purchase is essential for the best results. They always encourage drivers to practice safe driving but also understand drivers can sometimes go over the speed limit unintentionally. The website offers reviews and information on different types of radar detectors and their benefits. They encourage drivers to visit their site to learn more about these products, so they will be able to make a pragmatic decision for their needs.

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