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IFTA Will Be No Longer A Burden With eTrucks

The kind of stress the truckers go through during IFTA is enormous. They often get headaches even thinking about it. But, you need not worry as eTrucks is here to make it easy for you to comply with all IFTA regulations seamlessly.

SK, Canada – February 28, 2022 /MarketersMedia/

eTrucks is one of the leading software providers in the transport industry that is meant to take care of all your IFTA compliance needs. This IFTA software comes with ELD integration that can provide you with the best protection against hefty fines for non-compliance with IFTA rules. This software is a blessing to many truckers who spent countless hours creating IFTA reports manually.

It is a well-known fact that IFTA is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are so many things to take care of, and even a single mistake can cause you a lot of wastage of time and money. Not keeping up to date with the changing regulations will waste your efforts. Many motor carriers companies still don’t understand the impact of incorrectly filing IFTA reports. What would you prefer among the two- getting your license suspended or doing your IFTA correctly? With wrong IFTA filing comes other problems as well. These include high fuel taxes and increased fees, and insurance premiums. So, every person in the trucking business needs an efficient solution that will help to cover every aspect of IFTA efficiently. eTrucks is one such solution that is designed explicitly for IFTA compliance. The good thing is that the solution is cost-friendly and updates itself regularly to keep up with the changing IFTA regulations.

“Everything is so easy with eTrucks. I only have to enter the fuel and mileage information, and the software automatically provides you with the IFTA report. We have been in the trucking industry only for one year, but everything is so easy to manage with eTrucks. Preparing IFTA reports is so much easier with it.”, reviewed by Patricia Davila, Marlon’s Trucking LLC.

One of the unique tools of eTrucks is the mileage calculator. Complying with the regulations is crucial for motor carrier businesses as when you break any of them, you are putting your business in danger. One of the recent laws that have been passed has made it essential to use ELDs to compute the IFTA miles. Although you will see many ELD service providers in the market, eTrucks is the best one as it pings the location to the driver every 15 minutes, which is actually the time limit fixed by the authorities.

eTrucks IFTA mileage calculator avoids you getting headaches of computing your miles manually. It will even locate your missing miles and verify them. It can help you in all of your IFTA fuel reporting tasks and quickly answer all your fuel tax questions.

“I started using eTrucks a month ago when I was looking for an easy-to-use solution to keep track of my miles and found this amazing software. It can store receipts for each of jurisdiction effortlessly. It takes about 30 seconds to enter the fuel data and get the accurate mileage. This is better than the traditional way I used before, where I put everything in order a night before the deadline. I would recommend this solution to everyone who wants to save their precious time.”, reviewed by Zach Martin, Hoss Heavy LLC.

If you think IFTA is the only tax, well, you are wrong. There are many states who charge over and above IFTA and call it the Highway Use Tax. All the motor carriers that drive through these states are required to file the HUT reports. Since the conditions and tax rates differ from state to state, you need an efficient tool that will help you determine this tax accurately. With eTrucks, this becomes easy. In a few steps, you are able to generate the weight distance tax report without having to scratch your mind. Undoubtedly, the software never fails to amaze you with its perennial features.

About eTrucks

eTrucks is one of the most efficient IFTA compliance tools that offer you the greatest protection against IFTA audits, fines and penalties. The software is capable of generating automated reports, thus saving truckers a lot of hassle, effort and time. Apart from this, eTrucks also brings fuel efficiency and improves driver safety. Thus, this easy-to-use tool has multipurpose features, making it an excellent investment for trucking companies.

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