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Implant Centre Martinko Brings ‘All On Four’ Implants To Italy

April 16, 2019 – – Croatian Implant Centre Martinko (ICM) is pleased to announce the opening of their second dentist office in Trieste, Italy. The implant centre previously had only one office in Croatia, but will now be able to provide their services to the people of Trieste from their newly opened Italian office. To accompany the opening, ICM is simultaneously launching a new website to reflect the needs of its new location. The centre specialises in All On Four dental implants, which are a recently developed type of permanent dental prosthesis that has revolutionised the dental industry.

Life today can be said to move at a much faster, more hectic pace. The quality of food has gone down by a noticeable degree, and since people have less free time, they visit the dentist a lot less often. This has resulted in the rapid worsening of the oral health of the population as a whole, with cavities, infections, and the loss of teeth becoming more common. Thanks to the continuous development of dental medicine, however, clinics can offer more advanced, precise, and effective solutions for many of these problems.

The result of the implementation of these techniques is the restoration of a healthy smile, both from a medical and aesthetic point of view. Where once an individual’s loss of teeth would mean spending their life with missing teeth—and both the aesthetic and functional implications of that situation—modern dentists can help clients with missing or severely damaged teeth recreate a perfect, complete smile.

All On Four implants are a relatively new type of implant. The term ‘All-On-4’ refers to all teeth being supported by four dental implants, allowing for total rehabilitation of edentulous patients, patients with badly damaged or decayed teeth, or teeth that are damaged due to gum disease. The procedure involves placing four implants in the anterior maxilla where the bone density is higher. The implants support a fixed prosthesis with ten to fourteen teeth, which is attached to the implants immediately. The initial prosthesis remains in place until the implants have fully integrated into the bone and then is replaced by a permanent prosthesis. Notably, this means that patients can have a full set of teeth within twenty four hours of the surgery. The end result is an irremovable prosthesis that leaves the patient with a permanent solution to their tooth related issues.

The All On Four method is often compared to the Implant Prosthesis method, but the two techniques are quite different. The Implant Prosthesis method makes use of two to four implants, to which removable prosthesis are attached. The All On Four technique, however, involves the use of irremovable, permanent prostheses. An Implant Prosthesis is a semi-permanent solution, while the All On Four technique offers a permanent solution to missing or severely damaged teeth.

The Implant Centre Martinko is a modern dental practice that aims to ensure that every patient feels comfortable and totally at ease during each visit. In the past, visits to the dentist were, perhaps rightfully, associated with pain and general unpleasantness, but ICM aims to ensure that this is not the case for their own patients. They see their practice as a place where the fear of the dentist is left behind in the past where it belongs, to be replaced by the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere of a modern dental practice. Each patient that steps through their doors is guaranteed a peaceful, almost pleasurable experience.

With a team made up of experts with years of experience in the field of dentistry, the dental practice’s staff constantly tracks and follows new trends in stomatology, and offers dental treatments that comply with the highest global standards. The recent move allows ICM to provide patients with high class service in the fields of diagnostics, implantology, surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics, periodontology, radiography, aesthetic, and general dentistry.

Intending to establish a relationship based on the trust of their patients, ICM respects all policies put in place by the dental authorities under whose jurisdiction they fall. For a trustworthy dental practice that makes use of the most advanced modern techniques, contact Dr. Damir Martinko of Implant Centre Martinko today.


For more information about Implant Centre Martinko, contact the company here:

Implant Centre Martinko
Dr. Damir Martinko
+39 (0) 4098-35469
Via Dante Alighieri 7, Trieste
34121 Trieste TS, Italy

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