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Implant Centre Martinko Now Offers All On Six Dental Implants In Trieste, Italy

April 16, 2019 – – Implant Centre Martinko has announced that they have opened their second dentist office in Trieste, Italy. As such, their All on Six dental implants service is now also available in Trieste, aside from their original location in Croatia. This is a remedy for total toothlessness or edentulism. All on Six is an advanced and innovative method that makes use of six dental implants to provide a stable, reliable and long-lasting support for a fixed prosthesis. The benefit is that it allows for the rehabilitation of a whole dental arch in just one day.

Dr. Damir Martinko from Implant Centre Martinko says, “We’re so excited to be able to offer our dental implant services in Trieste, Italy. We’re excited because now, people with total edentulism can smile again by using our All on Six dental implants service. There is no longer the feeling of instability that comes with the traditional mobile prosthesis. Now, you can enjoy eating, drinking, talking and laughing with your loved ones and other people without becoming conscious about your teeth.”

There are several advantages of the All on Six method, using six dental implants that are strategically distributed throughout the mandibular or maxillar bone, on which a fixed prosthesis is then affixed. The most significant benefit is that it is relatively simple insertion procedure, which allows the patient to get new fixed teeth in just one day. Once installed, the patient has a total solution for edentulism in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

The initial phase of the All on Six procedure includes the evaluation of the quality and volume of the bone. A diagnostic test is conducted using sophisticated methods, such as CBCT 3D. If it is found that the volume of the bone in the posterior area of the jaw is not enough for the insertion of dental implants, a maxillary sinus lift is performed to regenerate the maxillary bone. For those cases where there is bone resorption or severe bone loss, blocks taken from the posterior area of the jaw or from the patient’s chin are transplanted.

The maxillary sinus lift procedure is painless and safe, with the patient under local anesthesia. The jaw bone is exposed by opening the gingiva and lifting the tissue. Next, the sinus membrane is raised and the synthetic or autologous material in introduced into the area when bone density is insufficient. Plasma rich in growth factors is then injected into the area.

Patients have testified that after the installation of the fixed prosthesis on the six dental implants, they felt as if they had their own natural teeth. And in addition to the total rehabilitation of the stomatognathic system, the All on Six method also provides for a changed face appearance. This is because edentulous patients often appear old because the lower lip and upper lip retract into the oral cavity. Thus, the All on Six dental implants method is an ideal way to preserve a youthful, radiant and harmonious appearance of the face.

Those who are considering the All on Six dental implants will also be happy to know that after 24 hours, the dental implants can be subjected to immediate loading. This means that they can fully use their new teeth in just one day.

Meanwhile, also available from Implant Centre Martinko is the Toronto Bridge, which is a fixed dental bridge that is fixed on dental implants once the osseointegration method has been finished. This was the result of a project of Swedish scientists headed by Professor Per-Ingvar Branemark and it was presented to the public during the 1982 World Dental Conference in Ontario, Canada.

The Toronto Bridge is produced in a dental laboratory. The composite teeth are modeled and then produced and mounted on the supporting structure in metal or ceramic zirconium. This composite is light and made of resistant material and most of all it is both functional and aesthetic.

Those who need more information about Implant Centre Martinko and/or the All on Six dental implants service can visit their website or contact them by phone or via email.


For more information about Implant Centre Martinko, contact the company here:

Implant Centre Martinko
Dr. Damir Martinko
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Via Dante Alighieri 7, Trieste
34121 Trieste TS, Italy

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