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Intellibright Now Offers “Pays for Itself” Guarantee with Innovative Subscription Plans

Intellibright recently introduced a unique subscription model that gives clients access to a full range of services while guaranteeing their efforts will generate enough revenue to cover the monthly fees and render a Net Zero cost to the client.

Austin, Texas, United States – July 12, 2019 /MarketersMedia/

With the ability to track every click, conversion and sale, it might be confusing as to why more digital marketing agencies aren’t moving towards sales strategies that take advantage of this game changing opportunity. At Intellibright, they know the answer. It’s simply too difficult for most agencies to create compensation models that do just that. It requires more work, time and knowledge to get a complete picture of the lead to sale funnel. Most importantly, it’s much more difficult to optimize for sales instead of leads. But, sales are what’s best for clients.

Here’s the great thing, this process isn’t too difficult for Intellibright. Most known for their Pay Per Sale business model which utilizes the tracking of each click, conversion and sale, Intellibright has now added fixed rate subscription plans to their services. Unique to the internet marketing industry, these subscription plans allow for Intellibright partners to service a wider range of clients than ever before and make it easier for their clients to get the most of what is best for them. Through allowing uninterrupted access to their services, these subscription plans essentially pay for themselves as the services Intellibright provides are guaranteed to result in more sales.

Ron Browning, the CEO of Intellibright stated that “Few, if any, agencies are willing to risk everything on their ability to generate sales for a client. We are uniquely matched to the goals of our clients. With our Pay Per Sale model, for example, we are compensated only on sales. This gives us the incentive to drive the maximum number of sales. For clients who prefer a fixed rate model, we remove the risk for clients with our “Pays for Itself” guarantee which renders a Net Zero cost to the client.”

Simply put, success is measured in sales. A simple success philosophy allows for the creation of partnerships that are effective and lasting. With a company like Intellibright, business have access to a company that pays for and manages all of their online marketing efforts. From the website, SEM, SEO, to everything in between, this team is proud to take care of everything a business may want or need. Disrupting how traditional marketing agencies do business with their clients, Intellibright only receives payment when they get results. Which differs vastly from most agencies that use hourly or project rates that they receive, regardless of the outcome.

Here’s what Intellibright can promise their partners: increased conversion rates, salesperson productivity rates, sales process improvements and higher per sale revenue. Taking a deep dive into their partners’ current online marketing efforts, analysis is conducted to determine if improvements can be made. If there are improvements that can be made, expert consultative services are provided free of charge thus improving the overall sales, and success, of the business.

Harry Dohnert, who is the V.P. Sales & Marketing at HOP Energy and a customer of Intellibright claimed that “Our company easily beat our forecast in the first two months working with Intellibright. Their business model made sense for our company, and it has resulted in a win for everyone involved. Lead volume and quality improved dramatically, and this resulted in record sales month right out the gate.”

With a proven track record of success, the Intellibright team is well versed in online internet marketing under a Pay Per Sale marketing business model and knows how to analyze the exact needs of a business and tailor its services to ensure the business is as successful as possible. Unique to the internet marketing industry, Intellibright now offers fixed rate subscription plans to their partners which allow all-inclusive and uninterrupted access to all of the services they provide. Most importantly, Intellibright understands what it takes for businesses to be the leader of the pack in their field.

The world of digital marketing is vast and complex. As trends and technology change, it’s easy to lose sight of what is most important to a business: sales. Partnering with a company who has created tactics around this simple idea makes sense. Let’s use the ability to track every click, conversion and sale to accomplish that goal and guarantee success.

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