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INVESTRE.IO, a Wall Street Backed Crypto Finance Ecosystem, is Partnering with IRISnet Team

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2018 / INVESTRE.IO, a crypto finance ecosystem backed by Wall Street veterans, is partnering with the IRISnet team. IRISnet facilitates the implementation of distributed business applications by introducing a service infrastructure and protocol overlay for the Cosmos technology stack, the most awaited cross-chain value transfer mechanism.

INVESTRE.IO aims to bring a unitive scalable transaction, settlement, and clearing solution to the scattered crypto market. At the start of the year, 2018 was anticipated as the moment when institutional crypto investors would be entering the market in large numbers. This hasn’t come to pass, however, and the market has entered a bearish trend after the short-lived mania following the launch of BTC futures and their disruption of the markets. Crypto pioneers and regulators have nonetheless continued to innovate in the crypto space with sustained regulatory efforts paving the way for institutional players to finally join the crypto market.

In June, INVESTRE.IO formed a crucial partnership with Makor Group and its crypto brokerage division, Enigma Securities. The partnership will allow Enigma Securities to provide better service to its institutional clients through INVESTRE.IO’s focus on the investment needs of institutions, namely crypto financing, transactions and facilitation of the hedging tool. Transactions are protected by a dynamic digital asset collateral management system. The oracle-style mediators monitor the market price of digital assets and adjust the amount of collateral required. This mitigates the counterparty risk and boosts capital utilization, both of which significantly impact the investment decision making of institutions.

The on-chain infrastructure also provides a new technology backbone to traditional financial clearing and settlement products. In a trustless framework, traders no longer rely on real world business relationships to operate. A reduction in operational expenses linked to the current, costly clearing process can also lead to savings.

With the need to support billions of transactions on the INVESTRE.IO blockchain, performance requirements are paramount. The Tendermint consensus engine, which was developed by the same team of Cosmos and is at the heart of Cosmos, fits these requirements best due to its simplicity, high performance and fork accountability. Moreover, IRISnet being part of Cosmos ecosystem, provides micro-service like architecture for distributed business application blockchain being built more efficiently, also allows data and complicated computing being consumed over an internet of blockchains. While INVESTRE.IO focuses on the implementation of different layers of financial product definition, origination, transaction and settlement, IRISnet acts as an underlying layer supporting the interoperability of services and cross-chain value transmission. INVESTRE.IO has started working with the IRISnet team to test its smart contracts on Cosmos TestNet.

Smart contract and Dapp are in their infancy, and their development still has a long way to go. We are excited to be working with the IRISnet team as they strive to build enterprise level, modularization, and application-agnostic middleware that bring us closer to realizing the full potential of blockchain technology.


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