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Kidsavers Network Publish New Article and Infographic On Dry Drowning

Following a spate of high profile dry drownings in the news, Kidsavers Network has published new information on the condition to help parents keep their children safe this summer.

Kidsavers Network Publish New Article and Infographic On Dry Drowning

Los Angeles, United States – July 14, 2017 /MarketersMedia/

Kidsavers Network is responding to the news of several recent dry drownings by publishing an article with facts, statistics and prevention tips around the condition. Dry Drowning, or secondary drowning as it is sometimes known, occurs when children inhale water that does not reach the lungs, but instead swells and closes the larynx over time, causing suffocation. The new article aims to identify symptoms, causes and actions to help parents keep their children safe.

The Kidsavers Network article on Dry Drowning includes an infographic on dry drowning statistics, which shows that while it accounts for only 1-2% of total drownings, the annual statistics are skewed – far more people swim in summer, which means there could be 1-2 cases of dry drowning every week in the peak swimming season. What’s more, for every reported death, there are 5 more cases of children being rushed to the ER. While they survive, moderate to severe brain damage is not uncommon.

The article was inspired by the tragic loss of Frankie Delgado and the parents of Gio Vega, who saved their son after hearing of the symptoms because of the news around Frankie. If more people understand the causes of dry drowning and can identify the symptoms to better prevent loss of life.

Sandy King From Kidsavers Network explained, “We are always on the lookout for dangers to children, and spend most of our time looking at ways to protect them from these dangers so that we can help parents raise their children safe and sound. We were deeply affected when these dry drowning cases made headlines, and resolved to ensure parents knew as much about the condition as possible. Through our network and these new resources, we hope to help spread awareness of dry drowning and what immediate actions to take should symptoms present themselves. As shown with the case of Gio Vega, the more parents that are aware of the symptoms of dry drowning and similar conditions, the greater chance more kids can be saved.”

About Kidsavers Network: The Kidsavers Network has articles on child safety, parenting tips and advice on products to avoid. Editor Sandy King also produces a weekly Kidsavers Safety Bulletin which rounds up the top news articles for parents and bloggers. The site is regularly updated by a committed team fo writers and researchers, who are passionate about keeping children safe from the dangers they face in the modern world.

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