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Lake Elsinore Dentist Announces Stella Is A Therapy Dog Rather Than Registered Service Dog

November 30, 2015 – – Lake Elsinore, CA, dental office Lakefront Family Dentistry recently introduced their dog Stella to the world. However, it was previously stated that Stella was a registered service dog. Dr. Hauser would like to inform patients that Stella is actually a therapy dog. The dental practice apologizes for the mistake and any confusion the previous announcement caused.

Dr. Hauser says: “People don’t see her as a service dog, which means that she cares for one specific individual. She is actually a therapy dog, which means that she can provide therapy for all of our valuable patients.”

Black Labrador, Stella, is incredibly calm and friendly. Her demeanor has been found to be beneficial for people who suffer from dentophobia. This is something that is common in all patients, but particularly so in young people.

Stella is very popular with patients, who enjoy some time with the dog both in the waiting area and in the treatment room itself. “I hate every element of going to the dentist,” says Mrs. Parker. “Spending my waiting time stroking Stella and having her on my lap during the treatment itself really goes a long way towards putting me at ease. I can’t thank Dr. Hauser enough for including Stella as part of his team.”

Stella is becoming a bit of a celebrity in Lake Elsinore and the dental practice has seen a significant increase in not just the number of patients, but the frequency with which patients actually attend their regular checkups. She is also rapidly becoming somewhat of an internet sensation, with patients frequently posting photographs of themselves and the dog on places such as Yelp.

Dr. Hauser would like to reiterate in this corrected press release that Stella is a therapy dog who also receives continuing education. This does not affect her ability to provide comfort to patients. Some may have believed she is able to recognize specific conditions such as epilepsy, or to assist people who are blind, for instance. However, he wants to ensure people know that this error does not in any way affect Stella’s ability to bring calmness and relaxation to patients.


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