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Leading Criminal Defense Attorney Bryan Hershman Explains Why Sex And Drug Charges Require A Good Attorney – Tacoma, WA

Top criminal defense attorney Bryan Hershman, founder at Bryan Hershman, Attorney At Law in Tacoma, WA, outlines the need for a good laywer when it comes to sex offenses, drug charges, and other serious crimes. For more information please visit http://bryanhershman.com

Tacoma, WA, United States – May 31, 2020 /MM-REB/

In a recent interview, leading criminal defense attorney Bryan Hershman, founder at Bryan Hershman, Attorney At Law in Tacoma, WA, explained why sex offenses, drug charges, and other serious crimes require a good lawyer.

For more information please visit http://bryanhershman.com

When asked to comment, Hershman said, “Many people who have been charged with a serious criminal offense might consider hiring a lawyer, but not one experienced in criminal defense work. However, the best chance of mounting a successful defense is by retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney.”

A seasoned criminal lawyer will have extensive knowledge and expertise in the criminal justice system, whether it’s handling all the issues regarding bail or bond, preliminary stages of obtaining positive evidence to either defend the client or mitigate the crime, or help navigate the often incomprehensible process of the courts themselves and all their staff.

“Every criminal case requires a different strategy. A criminal attorney with years of experience under their belt knows what it takes to win a case, and they can use this knowledge to get the best out of the criminal justice system,” he said.

Hershman added that a good defense attorney knows members of the criminal justice system, which could help in reducing serious penalties, resolve cases that might otherwise go to trial, and thereby save money for their clients.

Experienced defense lawyers know prosecutors, law enforcement, and judges and can sometimes predict what they will do in the courtroom.

Another reason to hire an experienced criminal litigator is that they can bring resources to the table that might have otherwise been unavailable.

“The prosecution has a lot of resources on their side, so the defense needs to as well. A defense attorney has a wide range of professionals ready to carry out independent investigations including collecting evidence, interviewing key witnesses and experts, and performing any number of tests or diagnostic tools to help sway a jury or judge to a client’s side of the argument,” he said.

Hershman added that an independent investigation helps shed light on your case, and helps to prepare the best possible defense.

Finally, finding the right representation at the beginning of the case so as to defend against serious criminal allegations allows for the case to proceed in a timely manner.

When asked to elaborate, Hershman said, “Time is of the essence in criminal cases. If a skilled criminal trial attorney gets involved early on, much of the worst evidence, such as a client’s confession, can be avoided. Also, should there be video or audio evidence that might clear their client, swift action to preserve such evidence can be the difference between a case never being filed, and one that results in a potential guilty finding after trial. Once you hire an experienced defense attorney, they are quick to take action which increases the chance of a successful outcome.”

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