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LockinU Unites More Than 1,000 Universities All Around the World, Solving the Issue of Global Young Talents’ Job Search

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 31, 2019 / Recently, the career development platform for overseas talents, Lockin China, has officially deployed its business to the global job market and launched its international version, LockinU, as the business focus is to provide excellent talent resources for worldwide employers.

LockinU is positioned as the global young talents career development platform, and its Chinese version of Lockin China was established in 2015, and mainly provided worldwide talent recruitment services for the Chinese employers. With the development of increased business and the gradually matured model, Lockin officially launched its human resources platform for overseas companies and introduced young talents for global enterprises.

At present, LockinU has more than 800,000 registers globally, and has established official partnerships with more than 1,300 universities around the world; the number of registered companies is over 30,000 and the total number of job postings is over 150,000 which has become an important part and indispensable requirement for overseas talents job search.

Major Products & Campus Recruitment Project Experiences

According to the precise talent data from over 1,300 worldwide universities, Lockin pioneered in the GTMD (Global Talents Map Database) instead of the traditional one-way recruiting model’s recruitment system. Through the official partnership with the universities, GTMD will bring large number of worldwide fresh graduates and current students into the database, and target those fresh graduates and current students at the fastest rate. Based on the calculations from the big data, according to the employer’s demand, the target talents are customized, and each customer’s world talent map is personalized to accurately locate and target the focused group and achieve efficiency during the recruiting services.

Over the years, the team, LockinU, has accumulated abundance of campus recruitment project experiences, serviced customers include Baidu, Alibaba, DiDi, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Starbucks, Audi, BMW, Disney, HP, PWC, Ernst & Young, etc. University’s On-Campus Recruitment projects have landed at Oxford University, Cambridge University, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Imperial College London, University College London, the University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, ESADE Barcelona Business School, Technical University of Berlin, and many other top leading global universities.

Main Events

During the collaborations with many overseas universities, Lockin has fully understood that job hunting for college graduates is an important topic for schools all around the world. In 2015, LockinU co-founded GUCCU (The Global University China Career Union) with more than 200 universities including the University of Adelaide, the University of Liverpool, University of Birmingham, University of Warwick and Northeastern University. The objective is to apply a variety of channels to explore and practice in constructing a path which can be used for college graduates at worldwide workplaces.

Each year Lockin co-hosts the GUCDC (Global University Career Development Conference) along with GUCCU; with the sharing of expertise from the industry, integration of academic research from leading universities and the latest practical experiences from well-known corporations all over the world to better address the demands of career development for those global young talents.

Every fall, LockinU and GUCCU collaborate together in hosting a global campus recruitment event – “80 Days Event for Global Young Talents”, presenting pre-work program workshops at global universities, invited human resources industry experts explaining the employment market situations, career planning, resumes writing, interviewing and other related job searching techniques. Every year, events have been held at hundreds of world famous universities, for examples, University of California-Berkeley, Northwestern university, Johns Hopkins University, University of Minnesota, Oxford University, Imperial College London, University of Warwick, University College London, Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, Monash University, and etc. In addition to the workshops, the “80 Days Event for Global Young Talents” also recommended tens of thousands of positions from global enterprises to students, accurately connecting employers and candidates, and solving the needs of both parties.

Nowadays, many well-known international companies are engaged in deep collaboration with Lockin due to the emergence of Lockin solving the shortage problem of high quality talent sources for global enterprises, and building a high-speed bridge for global talents without any boundaries. With the development of LockinU and the maturity of the GTMD database, it has fundamentally opened up the limitations of global young talents’ development, as a result, those distinctive talents are not only limited to the local market, but extend to the world’s most needed regions and promote the world economy as a whole.


SOURCE: Lockin China

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