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Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC Releases Their Strategies On How To Increase Website Traffic

May 29, 2015 – – Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC, a California based consulting firm, is announcing that they are making their strategies available on how to increase website traffic with retargeting. The process works by reconnecting with potential consumers or businesses that have visited a website but didn’t purchase goods or services. The thought process, as described by Lodestone, is to keep that website in the forefront of a visitor’s mind by reengaging them through ads or social media content.

One of the areas of focus that Lodestone uses is how retarget with facebook. They break down the retargeting strategy on their website, which is located at http://lodestone-cs.com It explains what the process involves and why businesses should care about utilizing this practice in their marketing and brand building vision. They have said the following regarding its ability to transform site visitors into true customers.

“We’ve all heard that people need to see something at least six times before they respond to it. Retargeting increases the frequency of your ad being seen by the same person. You may also hear it called “remarketing.”

Lodestone Consulting Services has suggested that they consider themselves to be an online marketing expert, and their services include a number of SEO and SEM options such as guest posting, press releases, keyword research, ad setup, ad management, and more. They also believe that businesses can increase website traffic with retargeting by utilizing this method through social media.

The retargeting process is described as involving the placement of ads onto specific platforms where clients and potential clients may visit frequently. As businesses and consumers who have visited a site once or twice see the ads for that company pop up in various locations, such as Facebook, it keeps the brand fresh in their mind and interests them in visiting the site again and possible buying into goods or services which are offered there.

They break down the retargeting task into two categories, those performed through the creation and monitoring of cookies as consumers visit a site, and those created via a list of e-mail addresses. The list-based method is the one most commonly put to work on social media platforms like Facebook. This shows how many have signed up for a newsletter or promotion but never made a purchase. They explain this method as follows:

“If you have a list of email addresses of people who have signed up for your newsletter but haven’t purchased your product or service, you can upload their email addresses into the Facebook ad area. If they’re members of Facebook, you can serve ads to them on Facebook. You then set up the ad, budget and duration.”

The company has many articles, blog updates, and other relevant information available on their website, some of which further invites businesses to try retargeting as a method of reintroducing site visitors to a brand. They encourage those interested in trying this or other services offered through the company to sign up on their website for a weekly newsletter or to get in touch through the available contact information provided.


Contact Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC:

Lara Fabans
101 Campanula Place
Los Gatos, CA 95032

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