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Lodestone Consulting Services Now Offering Native Advertising To Customers

June 06, 2015 – – Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC, a company that provides advertising packages, has announced that they are now also offering native advertising to the clients. Lara Fabans, an Adwords consultant in the company, said that the reason for including this package was because clients would be able to significantly increase website traffic with native ads.

She said that native advertising is effective because of the way it complements a website’s content. Unlike other ads that appear on websites, native advertising is designed to match the overall function and form of the site where it appears. One example where people can see this form of advertising appearing is when an advertiser writes an article to promote one of their products and services, but will make sure to use the same format as an article that has been created by the editorial staff of that website.

Lara gives her definition as follows: “Native advertising can be a promoted tweet on Twitter, suggested post on Facebook or a link that looks like a news story embedded in Yahoo. It takes advantage of your trust for a website and provides an ad that blends in.”

However, an online advertising expert at Lodestone Consulting Services was also quick to remind clients that there are still factors that have to be considered to get the most from native advertising. For example, native ads need a great landing page in order to maximize ROI. Many experts agree that a landing page can only make a good candidate for this form of advertising if it provides proof, relevance and value to the reader. According to Theguardian.com, “Those publications that are pioneering native ads are usually good at making sure the quality of the content is high. They won’t just commission content (for money, we should make clear), but work with individual writers or marketers so that it feeds an audience need.”

Lara said that when using this form of advertising correctly, it is able to combine the beauty of content marketing with the effectiveness of online advertising. Lodestone Consulting Services feel that they have the experience and expertise to get the most out of native advertising, and urge those interested in increasing their website traffic and achieving high conversion rates to try this package out.

Lodedestone Consulting Services, LLC is specialized in Adwords and other forms of online advertising. Lara Fabans, is an Adwords Consultant, and is also Google Partners Adwords certified. She said that for 20 years she had worked with high-tech firms in the Silicon Valley, and during this time gained a lot of experience in various departments such as software testing, design engineering, technical support and manufacturing, web development, program management and QA. During the time she was involved with product management, she came to realize why marketing managers would ask her the questions they did, and with this knowledge, she soon began to create better questions that were able to encourage more targeted answers. Lara then began to hone her content packaging skills over the next five years, which has led her in the position she is in today.

Information on the company and their advertising packages can be found on their website. They also encourage anyone that has further questions to contact them by email.


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