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London X City Looks At the Current Position Of Brexit

June 15, 2018 – – Online magazine London X City has ventured out of the field of celebrities as of late and is taking a more serious look at national and global politics. They have recently dedicated a feature to the current position of Brexit and what is stopping the UK from actually executing its decision to leave the European Union (EU).

“Brexit will go down in history books as either the biggest farce or the biggest win that the United Kingdom administration has ever attempted,” says Chloe, spokesperson and editor at London X City. “The whole situation is a contradiction when you consider that the UK is supposed to be ‘united’ but it is leaving the EU. The government is in a state of confusion with nobody agreeing as to what Brexit actually means, other than ‘Brexit means Brexit’. We seem to be a global laughing stock that is incapable of making any progress.” The online magazine encourages people to read more regarding about this possible departure of the UK from the EU.

While London X City editors have chosen not to take sides in the Leave or Remain argument, since the vote has been cast, favoring an exit from the EU, they do feel that they, like the rest of the UK public, have a right to understand what is happening and to be involved in the process. Yet, it seems that what is stopping the UK from actually executing Brexit is the simple fact that nobody truly understands what it means, and what people have actually voted for. Indeed, even within the Leave camp, there are around four different reasons for their votes. These are to curb immigration, to change economic relationships, to develop a Norway-style agreement, and to develop a Canada-style agreement. Chloe says: “And then, there are those who now regret their vote, those who have died because they were old when they voted, and those who are now of voting age but weren’t able to at the time of the referendum. It is not surprise therefore that things appear to be a mess.”

People are encouraged to examine the negotiations and to share their own opinions on how they feel the process is going on the London X City website at www.londonxcity.com.


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