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London X City Looks At The Love Island TV Show For 2018

June 15, 2018 – – The Love Island TV show has started again and the entire United Kingdom is enthralled. London X City, a UK-based online magazine, has now taken a closer look at this year’s show and its contestants. They have even ventured into making predictions on who among the contestants will win this year.

Chloe, editor for London X City, explains: “Love Island brings together everything we like: reality TV, love, funny people, romance, and a luxury island. If it were a book, you wouldn’t be able to put it down. We look forward to the next episode constantly and can’t wait to see what happens next.”

The show is hosted by Caroline Flack, British radio presenter and television host. It is a type of reality TV dating show in which singles are taken to a luxury island where they will be able to enjoy a wonderful summer and, hopefully, find love. At regular intervals, Caroline tests the budding relationships through shock announcements and tasks. In order to stay on the island, contestants must win not just each other’s hearts, but also that of the viewing public. Those interested are encouraged to read more about the show at the London X City website.

Chloe continues: “The show has long been popular, but this year seems to be particularly special. The contestants have made numerous statements that either show they really lack a basic education and understanding of what goes on around them, or they really have everything together and we should try to be more like them. It is absolutely riveting to watch this show.”

London X City editors feel that there are a number of contestants that are standing out in particular this year. While they did have Niall as one of their favorites, Niall has recently left. Megan, meanwhile, will have to choose between Alex and Eyal, which will certainly lead to a very tense moment. “We just don’t know who will win it,” says Chloe, “but we can make an educated guess.”

Those interested in London X City’s opinion on who will likely win Love Island 2018 are encouraged to visit the website at www.londonxcity.com, where they will keep people up to date.


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