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London X City Looks At World Cup 2018

June 15, 2018 – – London X City, an online magazine that discusses all things London and beyond, has announced that they have released an ongoing feature about the upcoming World Cup 2018 and what chances England has of succeeding. Additionally, the magazine also takes a look at the top players to watch out for this summer.

Chloe, editor at London X City, says: “The World Cup fever has reached our shores. The St. George Cross can be seen from every window and car and people are genuinely excited. But we feel a need to question whether this is blind loyalty and patriotism, or whether the England team actually stands a chance of winning this year. We will continue to dedicate special features to the World Cup as the matches continue.” People are encouraged to read more here about the World Cup, the celebrations, and to keep track of how the team is performing.

England will face Tunisia on Monday, June 18; Panama on Sunday, June 24; and Belgium on Thursday, June 28. Chloe continues: “We feel England has been placed very fairly. Belgium is always one to watch and Tunisia is definitely an underdog. Panama isn’t a bad team, but we feel quite confident in saying that they won’t make it through. We think that the real decider will be based on the outcome of the first match – England v Tunisia. If England wins that, then we feel they could go quite some distance.”

England has a number of players who have been around for some time and that fans feel confident will take the team all the way. They include such stars as Harry Kane (forward), Raheem Sterling (forward), Gary Cahill (defender), Danny Wellbeck (forward), and, of course, Nick Pope (goalkeeper). However, there are also some newer faces to on the team, and London X City is particularly excited to see how they will perform. Chloe observes: “Midfielders Fabian Delph and Dele Alli are certainly two players to watch. They are so versatile and could easily prevent goals from the opposing team and score themselves. If they are put on during the matches, it will be really exciting.”

Those interesting in learning more about what the online magazine has to say about World Cup 2018 can visit the website at www.londonxcity.com.


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