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M4 Research Launches Affiliate Partnership Program

October 30, 2015 – – M4 Research, a Nevada based company, is launching a new affiliate partnership program, which can be seen at http://s.m4research.com/jv/. The program is being offered by Brad Weinman and his partner Barry Goss in an effort to increase their client list and share their success with others.

The offer allows businesses and individuals to refer customers to the company and earn a commission of 50% on each sale the customer makes. M4 Research explains: “Not only will you be able to promote something to your followers that’s totally unique (not a “me too” product) and earn a solid 50% commission on each sale, but when you refer a customer to us, you also receive automatic commissions on any other product that customer purchases for the life of the customer. That means that if a customer you refer today buys a product 3 years from now – regardless of whether you were promoting that product or not – you’ll still earn a whopping 50% commission on the sale.”

The team at M4 advises that this commission income could bring those who make referrals a thousand dollars or more in additional income over standard commissions made within the company. They have made it clear that they are very passionate about this latest program, and are seeking new affiliates who want to get involved and earn.

Although the program is a recent launch, M4 has been testing the process for more than 5 years and have seen successful results. Much of the payment and commission work is automated based on each referral, making it easier for those who get involved to get paid. M4 Research writes: “In over 5 years of testing, we found that our members love the content, and the price is ‘just right.’ Because of that, when people sign up through your affiliate link, you get paid up to $348.50 per sale (Lifetime membership option). For monthly and quarterly customers, you get paid an average of $11 every month for each member you refer for as long as they stay active.”

Those who are interested in taking part in the Affiliate Partnership Program are encouraged to visit the affiliate website listed above. This site also provides access to a list of products which M4 sells, on which these commissions would be made.


Contact M4 Research:

Brad Weinman
(702) 712-4049
3225 McLeod Dr, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89121

ReleaseID: 60004883

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