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MetaLoka Launches Futuristic Digital ‘Time and Space’ Metaverse

The launch of ‘Space-Time Travel Themed’ OPEN Metaverse

November 23, 2021

Metaverse project, MetaLoka, today announced its official launch, opening a door that connects the virtual world to the real world, Play. Create. Own. Govern. Earn and collect NFT collectables.

“We are excited to open our doors for users to experience our Metaverse, which will be the first of many ‘time-travel’ metaverses – past, present, future,” said Minh Do, co-founder and CEO of MetaLoka. “We have put together a talented team to bring this dream to virtual reality.”

MetaLoka is a ‘Space-Time Travel Themed’ OPEN Metaverse, built on blockchain technology. MetaLoka enables worldwide users to choose different gameplay paths through time travel from past to future and space gateway to other metaverses. The platform also offers an immersive experience in which users take any roles, generate and monetize their own NFT’s, purchase land, discover exclusive NFT’s to earn profits and interact with other users, whether in harmony or in combat.

“We are in the midst of rapid expansion and growth, from our technology, to our community, and even interested investors and venture capitals alike,” said Megan Nguyen, co-founder and COO of MetaLoka. “It is a matter of time for our metaverse’s ‘big bang theory’ of mass adoption.”

Who is MetaLoka?

MetaLoka is the ultimate open world metaverse VR platform powered by blockchain that allows user to create, share experiences with friends, and be anything user can imagine and monetize the creation with NFT and MetaverseFi.

Arūpa-loka, (Sanskrit and Pāli: “world of immaterial form”), in Buddhist thought, is the highest of the three spheres of existence in which rebirth takes place. In arūpa-loka, existence depends on the stage of concentration attained, and there are four levels: the infinity of space, the infinity of thought, the infinity of nonbeing, and the infinity of neither consciousness or unconsciousness.

As human beings, we are limited by physics, geographics and time. Yes, we are just another decaying organic matter like everything else. We are perpetually locked-down in our own physical body. Let’s imagine a world where we can exist in the infinity of space, infinity of thought and our consciousness and imagination have endless possibilities.

Insight Tech Mechanism

The Basic Mechanism of mNFT (Metaverse NFT)

mNFT is a proposed standard of ERC-1155 for Metaloka metaverse: the core idea is all the NFT in MetaLoka is back by the LOKA token for the store of value and validation purpose for cross metaverse teleportation. mNFT is a NFT that holds a certain amount of LOKA as collateral inside.

This allows user to burn the mNFT token and receive LOKA, or user can stake the mNFT token in the Rabbit Hole Contracts and teleport the value to another Metaverse for remint the NFT in the other side. This is how it achieve teleportation of NFT and cross metaverse and cross chain.

Backing by LOKA token, a mNFT can be used as a collateral for a NFT flash loan. By Staking an existing mNFT, user can get more LOKA tokens by the interest of lending your mNFT/ LOKA in the market.

The use case of mNFT:

User can sell your NFT in third party marketplace like opensea and MetaLoka’s internal marketplace

User can DeMint the mNFT and get back LOKA token

User can use it as a storage of value (example, you can buy a Time Spaceship and HOLD the ship)

User can use the Spaceship as collateral to get NFT flash loan

Any NFT material from spaceship, avatar, odyssey loot, rare material, weapon

About MetaLoka

Metaloka is one of the world’s leading metaverse companies built on Blockchain technology. You can enter the metaverse as much as you want, anytime, anywhere, monetize and earn profits while in the metaverse.

For more information: https://metaloka.com/

Contact Info:
Name: Asif Ebrahim (CMO)
Email: Send Email
Organization: MetaLoka
Website: http://www.metaloka.com/

Release ID: 89054155

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