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Mike Marko Publishes “How to Use Instagram for Marketing a Business”

July 12, 2019 – – Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just announced the publication of his new post on how to use Instagram for marketing a business. He says that with over 300 million monthly users, Instagram is one fo the best places for establishing a business’s presence online. He further claims that this social media network has become a valuable tool for reaching prospective customers across the world. With Instagram’s focus on visual content, the ideal marketing strategies on it are also different from those on Twitter and Facebook.

In his article, Marko discusses how to use Instagram to improve sales and increase brand exposure. In addition, he talks about the best way to advertise on Instagram and how to use it successfully to market a business. He further talks about the misconception that businesses should have a large amount of marketing capital to be successful. That’s a fact for traditional advertising, but Instagram is a good opportunity for brand exposure that does not cost very much. It’s one of the most powerful social media networks allowing businesses to meet their marketing targets.

Marko commences the topic by guiding his readers on how to create an Instagram account for a business. He says that there are two options for how they can do it. The first option is to make use of an existing email address and the second one is to connect the new Instagram account to a Facebook account. A personal account should be created first and then switched to a business profile. In order to switch the personal account into a business account, users have to choose this option in “Settings”.

Marko goes on to say that Instagram is considered to be a platform that is visual-centric. Creative videos and images are the way to attract followers on it. He further says that the content should contribute to the overall identity of the brand and should be relevant to target audiences. Marko claims that communication is important for ensuring the success of Instagram business marketing. Thus, Marko’s advises his readers to engage other users. Moreover, he suggests commenting or liking other users’ content and acknowledging every engagement. These activities will help businesses get noticed.

“Unanswered messages, inquiries and questions can be bad for your brand’s image,” Marko asserts. “So, it’s important for business owners to take the time to send comments and messages to potential customers. It just takes a tap to the heart sign under the post or double tap to the image to like a post.” Marko further says that commenting on a post allows business owners to communicate important ideas. That can be another opportunity to show off expertise or express a brand’s values.

Marko also mentions that tagging on Instagram is considered an important way to notify people about news or announcements regarding the brand. At the same time, it is an effective way to inform customers about promos or exclusive deals a brand may be offering. For business owners to do it, they just have to tap the Tag People option prior to uploading photos. Another way to notify users about posts is by mentioning them. To mention customers, Marko says to just type the @ symbol then their username.

Marko also touches on the value of Instagram advertising for businesses. He states that most business owners should consider using ads to boost their visibility on the platform.

“There are different ad formats available on Instagram,” Marko asserts. “These are Photo Ads, Video Ads, and Carousel Ads. I strongly urge business owners to give them a try. They can do a lot to take a brand’s presence on Instagram to the next level.”

Marko compares Photo Ads to a “Learn more” button that appears on the target audience’s home screen. Video Ads lasts for one minute and they have a label, “Sponsored”. The Carousel Ads is a combination of more photo ads that allow Instagram users to swipe through them. The marketer tells his readers to give careful thought to which of these to use for their ads. He says all of them have their strengths, but it’s best to focus on the ones that truly suit the business’s purposes.

Finally, Marko urges readers to not just focus on gathering a large number of followers. Instead, he says they should focus more on communication. That means helping the target audience see the value that the business can offer them.

Marko and his firm IM Consultant Services provide various branding solutions to online business owners. He provides strategies on social media marketing, web design, and more. His team is available to help small to medium-sized business owners know their needs. He and his team can also help website owners do effective advertising campaigns to reach their target audiences.

Marko regularly writes posts related to this information to help those in digital businesses or marketing. His posts prior to this article discussed how to use YouTube for business marketing, how to set up a Facebook business profile, and how to advertise on Twitter, among many others. Marko mentions that these posts specifically target those business owners who need assistance with their business marketing. For those who are interested, they can follow him to his website, or check and read his other posts. He says that those who are looking for experienced SEO for their business growth can contact him and IM Consultant Services for a business consultation as well. Marko and his team provide a wide-reaching personalized approach to business needs. Those who want to know more can visit their official website or contact them directly by email or by phone.


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